During the difficult days of Covid-19, with fear reigning in the streets, a remarkable Hachnasas Sefer Torah took place at the children’s department of Hadassah Hospital. Rabbi Meir Chaim Greenbaum founder and director of Tehillim Olumi and his family wanted a Sefer Torah to put in a place where Jews of all circles and walks of life would have a Sefer Torah, a Segulah against the severe epidemic. He is a Bobover Chassid as was his father and grandfather, who was a Chassid of the first Bobover Rebbe. Rabbi Greenbaum was imbued by his father with a dedication to recite Pesukei Tehillim regularly. He continues the family legacy of inspiring Jews to turn to Hashem in prayer through the many projects of Tehillim Olumi.

Rabbi Greenbaum’s daughter came up with the idea that it should go to a hospital. As soon as she suggested it her family wholeheartedly agreed and started looking for which hospital to give it to. It wasn’t long before it was decided to send it to a Jewish hospital in Israel. Rabbi Elazar Chaim Brisk, son-in-law of Rabbi Greenbaum, got involved with his connections in the matter. 

The Greenbaum family soon got in touch with a family friend, Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Taub of the Vaad Mishmeres HaStam and stated that they wanted a very nice Mehudar Sefer Torah fourteen inches large, from an Erliche Sofer. He provided them the Sofer Rabbi Yitzchak Gershon Korn of Ashdod who showed them a Sefer Torah that he wrote for a Rabbi. The script was exceptionally beautiful. He was chosen to write the new Sefer Torah planned to be a book of life in those bitter days, dedicated to Jews in all parts of the country so that they could have a share in its merit, for Shidduchim, Health, Parnassa or even to give Thanks to Hashem. In the end, it was arranged to be sent to Hadassah Ein Kerem, a hospital equipped with the most expensive machines and good service dedicated to all entering its doors to come out healthy and strong. The hospital helped the whole time to ensure that everything needed in having a Torah in its building would be accommodated. When it was decided that they would give the Sefer Torah to the hospital, they contacted Rabbi Moshe Klein, Rabbi of BaDaTZ Kashrus Supervision, and he arranged everything from the beginning to the end.

Especially during the Hachnassas Sefer Torah, he ensured that everything would be conducted according to our standards, without any interference. He planned everything beforehand. Hundreds of Jews of all kinds came to Hadassah in order to have a merit in the writing of the rare Sefer Torah. We made a note that whoever was not there that day should please write his name on a note and the Sofer will write a letter for his merit. Before the writing of letters in the Land of Israel, there was writing of letters in the United States. As praise and thanksgiving to the Creator of all the worlds, Rabbi Greenbaum brought his whole family, including his grandchildren to the Land of Israel.

Gedolei Torah in and outside Israel wrote letters in the Torah. The celebration in Hadassah Hospital culminated with the completion of writing the Sefer Torah. The writing was very a moving event. Rabbi Greenbaum himself wrote a letter in the Torah, his project finally coming to fruition before his very eyes. Some patients were able came down to write a letter in the Torah too. They stayed for a minute silently praying a heartfelt prayer in front of the open Torah. Rabbi Moshe Klein arranged for people to be able to pass and dance through – several corridors in the hospital among so many Jews miserable and longing to go home. It was a heartfelt scene with Jews seen coming out of rooms or sitting up in bed to observe the event. The event included entering many shuls with the Sefer Torah being offered in honor to be carried by participants in the celebration. It was heartbreaking when the dancing and carrying of the Sefer Torah went through the children’s section of the hospital. There were countless children. Bags and packages were given out. Laughing in the hospital hopefully brought at least a little encouragement during the celebration. The dancing took a long time. They made sure that every patient who wanted to have a share was included in the joy according to their condition. From one corridor to the other, people danced and brought the Torah. After dancing in the hospital corridors, the Sefer Torah was brought into the Beit Hamedresh ​​in the presence of a beautiful crowd.

Then a nice meal was provided at Hadassah Hospital, there was even a Sheva Brachos so that it was a double Seudah. Sometimes the Torah was kept very close to a patient. Sometimes only in their rooms could patients participate. The feelings, happiness and tears at the event pierced the heavens. Everything was worth it. Later the Greenbaum family used the Torah for their own Torah service. It truly was a one-of-a-kind occasion. Jews struck by illness have used the Sefer Torah and it is certain that the Holy Torah begs for their full recovery.


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