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A New Dawn – Introduction to the MC2 Blockchain and Crypton.Media

Using modern blockchain technology MC2 Media has developed a fully functioning near ready to launch an audio/video licensing and Non Fungible Token (NFT) platforms operating under our Crypton.Media group label. The idea for the platform came when the founders saw the demise of individual purchases of music and the rise of streaming services. The rise of the creator economy led to millions of unauthorized uses of owned rights. Services like YouTube and Facebook largely ignored the issue as their services grew to massive proportions, largely on the success of some of these content creators.


The music industry finally stepped in and put these companies on notice that they will pursue Copyright enforcement against companies that did not police its platform for illegal use of copyrighted materials. Many of these media companies created personnel intensive infrastructure and/or complicated algorithms to “catch” and prevent unlicensed, pirated media from being placed on their platforms. Nearly all of these policing schemes are significantly flawed and still allow of unlicensed media to be posted.

This led to the conception of the Crypton.Media platform to help content creators to easily license music, video and other forms of art from rights holders. However, as technology is an ever-evolving thing, new markets started to emerge and be created. The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currency platforms and the growing acceptance of these crypto’s removed the fear of the blockchain and helped spawn a new digital economy.

Crypton NFTs

Based on the meteoric rise of NFT’s, there is golden opportunity to not only capture a devoted fan base but to build a whole new group of fans. While NFT’s bring to the market a certain amount of speculation, it will also bring a renewed interest of a fanbase who want to own a piece of history.

Crypton Media Licensing

The MC2 portal provides a transparent decentralized solution that enables producers, publishers, creators and digital rights owners to complete and validate digital licensing transactions.

Crypto Currency

A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, crypto or coin is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of a computerized decentralized public database.

Doug Williams – President

Margo Adamson – Vice President Operations

Brad Harris – Director – Product Design and Development

Directors and Advisors

Mike Carden – Director Content Acquisition & Marketing

Stuart Fine – Director Investor Relations and Business Development

Pat O’Connor – Advisor Content and Marketing

Ali Penland – Blockchain/Crypto Currency (Consultant)

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