Charles Vandergrift III and The VanGo Media Group

Charles Vandergrift


I am a Christian man, with a strong faith. I thank God every day, for all that I have, all that has been put in front of me, and for the privilege of FATHERHOOD. I’m a Pittsburgh native, and I guess you could say I got my start in “entertainment” when I began performing in theatre at age 5 . Little did I know then, that I would actually go on to fulfill a dream of being a film and television actor in Los Angeles !


Yes…I actually made it to Hollywood, and performed as an actor on ABC’S Daytime Soap Opera, General Hospital for 4 seasons as a reoccurring character. I also have several film credits to my name and have worked as a high fashion model doing both print and runway modeling. However, my career was quickly and unexpectedly relinquished in 1989 as a result of a traumatic auto accident.

Since my fight back, I have remained in the Pittsburgh Area until 2019 working on the other side of the camera. I feel I have a unique creative presence which I utilize with state of the art computer technology. I have worked on literally hundreds of commercial campaigns for both television and radio. I have worked on several nationally syndicated TV shows and have worked with some large and reputable names. I’m proud to have helped over 5000 clients with tasks ranging from Graphics and video production, writing and editing, aerial advertising, and all aspects of music and entertainment marketing.


While working on multiple projects with multiple clients over the years through my company VanGo Media Group, I always had this “vision” of creating an entity whereby I could seek out and expose Local Talent, while at the same time…bring POSITIVE CHANGE to the lives of those who would become aware of the program. 

The success of VanGo Media Group is the result of my intense passion and God given ability to Move Forward. I strive to continue to shape and change the entertainment landscape and lead the evolution of entertainment, programming, promotion, marketing, and sales. Currently, we have forged new partnerships with Internet and television, never wavering in the belief that these new associations will set a path for a great future for our company and our clients.

To ensure that great future, VanGo Media Group continues to believe each of our new ideas is an important aspect of the communities in which we work and live. We believe our employees have the knowledge, the dedication, and the ingenuity to lead us to newer heights, to break through the barriers to success, and to continue to build upon our already celebrated tradition.

 I want to be able to bring POSITIVE CHANGE to anyone out there who NEEDS and DESIRES POSITIVE change in their life whether it be spiritual growth, Ill health, addictions or simply helping to get your life on the DESIRED path.

There is NO BETTER FEELING…than to know that you had a part in bringing positive change to the life of another.










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