Love For Hip-Hop
has captured the attention of many.

Inspired by iconic rappers
Scarface, 2Pac, Ugk, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross
His music is characterized by a unique blend of
Thumping Beats and Lyrical Gangster Styles.
For over a decade,
Kilo G has been producing and rapping.
“Wash It. Dry It. Bag It”
was his debut album released in 2009.
Now, in 2023
he is bringing a new level to this classic genre.
It is with high anticipation that he returns once again
with his latest single

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One World Blue Interview for Kilo G
by Gedaliah Aronson

“My music is my story; my story is my life. If I can inspire and uplift by sharing my music, then that is what I'm here to do." -Kilo G

"I've been on my own since I was 13 years old. I didn't have a choice but to face the elements at a young age."
As I speak with Kilo G via Zoom, he's making a large, mouth-watering batch of chicken wings.
"Don't mind me, man; I'm accustomed to multitasking. Do you mind if we speak while I cook?"
His speaking voice has a comforting vibe, uplifting, inspiring, and rhythmically conscious. I called to ask him about his music, but I learned quickly that he is not a compartmentalized person. He lives his life in harmony, maneuvering the elements as they arise, able to be present, speaking with me, cooking, and being hospitable to several friends who arrived while we talked, giving them first dibs of the freshly finished fowl.

"I’m a colorful ass rainbow. My life is a quilt. I’m an artist, and I treat the blank page as a canvas, like a painter; but I paint with words,”
Kilo says of his writing and rhyming, which he’s been doing since 7th grade.
“The page gave me the avenue to self-expression. I was inspired by the voices that spoke to me and to my circumstances. Gritty Gangsta with Bop because the grittiness of life is real, and in my lyrics, I strive to speak the truth, but it moves you too.”

Kilo is a father of seven. He runs and operates five businesses, one of them his catering company called 7Elite Catering in Pittsburgh, to which I can attest that the food looked amazing, and the friends in the kitchen confirmed that it tasted that way as well. He also runs a studio with a production team focused on a growing family of recording artists called BluMartyrhouse Studios, which can be found at
I asked Kilo how he manages his time. It was inspiring to witness someone operating with such seamless energy and positivity with so much on his plate. “You make the time for the things, the passions, and the people you love. Working for myself, I make and take the time I need for me when I need it.”

“In life, you never know how you're gonna affect another. For yourself, you gotta take the meat and throw away the bones.” You can tell this is a philosophy Kilo lives, works, and plays with as you speak with and observe him in action.

After we spoke, Kilo sent me a text “ This is a verse for an upcoming track, my gift to the write-up!

See how my lyrics impact life reality.”

“Inspired by greats
to be greater than
to many in line
Guess I’ll take da
Elevator then
Accelerator spin
Hammer to the pin
All I do is win
Mighty in my steps
Dis armor don’t got
No chinks in it
Head on a swivel…
no patience
for weak links in it
From the bottom
always lookin up
Raised time poor
had to switch it up
Dropped a roli in the pot
Look Now it’s lock-in up
Bout to take it to da ground
Had cuz whip it up! Yup”

I asked to speak with Kilo again so he could spit this verse for me live, which he kindly obliged to do over the phone.
“Keep an eye out for me, and don’t be surprised in a couple of years, you can say “I interviewed him when……”.
“You are fam man, we can talk anytime.”

"My life is a grand journey. I'm in motion daily to secure the bag, to secure a future for me, my family, and my patrons. I came up in the mud with little to nothing. Coming from little to nothing and being able to actually have something of my own is a great accomplishment in itself, but without God I wouldn't have a thing. I believe that my experiences have shaped me to be the man that I am today with the street being my father, and a single mother trying to raise a man alone. I had to get to my path by any means necessary, so I live and move like that as an adult. I look at everyone around me, we've all got to get to it. I want to be the greatest and the best at what I do. I wanna think that all that we do through inspiration, does inspire, and on levels we never dreamed possible. I know there’s greatness in my future, music is just a pathway to that, my conduit."

Kilo G certainly inspires!