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Dr. Cynthia Kelly – President One World Blue, LLC

Former Founder of Home of Second Chances – Mental Health Outpatient Services. Background in large employee management and operational budgets. Senior Advisor to One World Blue, LLC. Dr. Jones and her brother Bishop Reginald Kelly (OBM) are leaders in Civil Rights and Social Change.

“Family and friends are the most important thing we have. This song is a tribute to those who have gone before, and those who are with me, to raise my Life to the Place it is so I may Share God’s Glory. I was inspired to write this song by my sister, brothers and by my child that shine their Light for me to Illuminate the paths that the Lord has chosen and directed my journey. Remember we all need each other to lean on and gain strength in this world and the world above.”

"Sista my Sista" will soon be released on all Streaming Sites for your streaming and downloads

“In Memory of my daughter the late Charmaine Day-Allen and my brothers Bishop Reginald Kelly and Terry Kelly”

Song written and performed by Dr. Cynthia Kelly
Produced by Cynthia Kelly and Siiann Records – recording and production
Thank you to Wayland Bellamy of Siiann Records
for his dedication and support to make this possible and see this to completion.
Background singers:
Joe Wille Brown
Cassandra Kelly
Wayland Bellamy
Video Production by Hun Studios and Blupela Media

Special thanks to Joel Pirchesky,
CEO and Founder of One World Blue, LLC

Blupela Media- for his humble love and support during my cloudy days bringing the sunshine to see the way.

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