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We have the following helicopter pilot training packages:

Private pilot license

Commercial license

Instrument rating

Flight instructor ratings

Supplemental courses

Whichever one you are looking for; we have a reliable program that will help you grow into the pilot you want to be. Check out our pricing and packages or contact us. A member of our team will be there to answer you.



How Much Does It Cost to Take Helicopter Flying Lessons?

Before you start on your journey to become a helicopter pilot, you will need the funds for training. Budgeting is vital and knowing the cost of Helicopter Flight School Pittsburgh beforehand can be very helpful. The cost of the training varies with the type of package you are looking to get. Here are some of the various classes that you can enroll in:

  • Private pilot license – Our Private Pilot License course paves the way for you to become a safe, competent and independent pilot.

  • Commercial license – Our commercial license prepares you for the works you will be put in as a commercial helicopter pilot.

  • Instrument rating – An Instrument Rating will sharpen your skills and proficiency by enabling you to interpret and understand the impact of weather on flight operations.

  • Flight instructor ratings – Flight instructors have tremendous responsibilities to the students, families, and general community.

  • Introductory courses – Taking flight for the first time can be a bit scary and life changing. We will help you make that transition as smooth as possible.

The costs of the various classes vary. We are always open and ready to talk to you about the costs for our Helicopter Flight School Pittsburgh. Contact us any time for more information.

How Do You Get a Helicopter License In PA?

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Fly a Helicopter?


Interview and Review by Matthew Aronson – Staff Writer for One World Blue Media

For Jacqueline and Carlos Cabral, developers of the Vortex Helicopter Pilot School in Pittsburgh, PA, training the next generation of experienced helicopter pilots is a moral imperative. “We have a crisis around the world and in this country that is little spoken about and therefore little known about, and that is, that we face a helicopter pilot shortage of incredible proportions,” Pilot and Pilot Instructor Carlos Cabral exclaimed passionately. “We face a situation where, of all the pilots in the world, a bit less than 10 percent are helicopter pilots, and only about one percent of those are certified flight instructors.”
“Until you are stranded somewhere or know someone who is, and the situation calls for the skills of a trained helicopter pilot, it is not common for the general public to ever think about the essentiality of helicopters,” exclaimed Jacqueline Cabral, owner of the flight school. “Our main passion and focus with this school is to utilize our over 20 years of aviation knowledge and experience from all over the world to train the next generation of helicopter pilots and instructors.”
Several key factors have created this shortage of helicopter pilots and flight instructors. Among them is that many helicopter pilots are former military and were trained in the service. Many are Vietnam veterans and are retiring or coming up on retirement age. Helicopters are being utilized far less often in the military paradigm in favor of drones, so far less training of helicopter pilots is still taking place in the military setting.
There are global pilot shortages in general aviation. Some helicopter pilots and instructors are being pursued to leave their posts and come back into fixed-wing aviation. “I have faced this myself, as I have been offered to leave my passion of flying and training helicopter pilots for work in commercial aviation. That would be one less skilled helicopter pilot and instructor to pass on this crucial knowledge and experience to the next generation,” Carlos remarked with audible concern. “This is an issue that calls for awareness and action and cannot go ignored. As helicopter aviation and skill knowledge are just as vital for running and servicing our current global systems from gas and electric, to agriculture, to search, rescue, and EMT services, as any other factor we may generally think of.”

“The major shortage of pilots, the incredibly high demand, the diversity of job opportunities, and the urgent need for skilled instructors make today a very auspicious time to become a pilot. Our passion and goal are to transmit our knowledge and experience, ” Jacqueline Cabral comments. “While this is a business and we certainly need to eat, what drives us is our responsibility to ensure that these skills endure for many generations to come.”
The career paths for helicopter pilots are numerous, and the demand is exceptionally high. Here are just a few jobs that can be undertaken as a pilot.
Aerial Cinematographer
Law Enforcement Pilot
Aerial Photographer
Logging Helicopter Pilot
Agricultural Pilot
Managing Livestock Pilot
Air Ambulance Pilot
Medical Field Pilot
Air Cargo Pilot
News Helicopter Pilot
Air Evacuation Pilot
Offshore Oil Rig Pilot
Border Patrol Pilot
Pest Control Pilot
Corporate Industry Pilot
Private Helicopter Pilot
Corporate Transport Pilot
Stunt Helicopter Pilot
Crop Spraying Pilot
Surveying Gas Lines Pilot
Emergency Medical Pilot
Surveying Phone Lines Pilot
FBI Helicopter Pilot
Surveying Power Lines Pilot
Ferry Helicopter Pilot
Tour Company Pilot
Firefighter Helicopter Pilot
Tuna Boat Pilot
Flight School Instructor
Utilities Helicopter Pilot
Hollywood Helicopter Pilot
To contact Pittsburgh Helicopters and the Vortex Flight School, and for more information about their services, they can be reached at:

1-(724) 206-6562

196 Airport Road, Finleyville, PA 15332

[email protected]




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