Bart Foley Music and Improv

BART FOLEY MUSIC       For Booking Info Please Call: 310 849-7199 BART FOLEY’S FILM AND IMPROV TALENT Watch Bart in the Popular Film Series “Please Understand Me” Episode 5: Download Here from Amazon: “Please Understand Me” Download for Purchase _____________________________________________ BART FOLEY IN THEATER AND STAND UP COMEDY Bart Foley Psychotherapy MEET THE […]


Vorarlberg is Austria’s westernmost province. Bordering with Germany, Switzerlandd and Lichenshtein its culture is influenced by its surrounding neighbors in a way that sets it apart from the rest of Austria.

Music audio studio mbale

Hi dear my name is kabala David (Big David keki) am here  seeking of your help of support to start a good music studio in mbale soon I humbly request for any  little fund of money from you in all corners of the World.

Music audio studio mbale

Hi dear friends please help me to my dreams because music is the only my career i feel in heart to do.

Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap

  Edit Lumen “Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap” ‹ Blupela — WordPress Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap A Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based coating that can be sprayed on foods, guarding against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage. “We knew we needed to get rid of the petroleum-based food packaging that is out there […]


Wholesale Hemp

One World Blue -PELA VIBES- “Get Your Peace ON” with Delta 8, Delta 10 and HHC One World Blue is the Home of Planet Sanctuary – Our Planet has given us the means for healing with its abundance of nature. We need to have wisdom and understanding in its implementation.           […]


WE CREATE THE BEAUTIFUL SPACES THAT YOU LIVE IN. Evelyn James Interiors is a full service design studio, boasting the design excellence of Evelyn Wedner & James Checkeye. We are renowned for our consultative approach to decorating. By having strong relationships with the leading high-end suppliers, we can comfortably create any space you would desire. We begin […]

Divine Posterity

Divine Posterity AI Portraits are created on the One World Blue Network with our “INSTANT ART” ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ASSITANT GENERATOR in the Lumen Community of 1World.Blue This can be yours to showcase and hang for your enjoyment in your home or office. AI Digital Created Photo is mounted on Filmboard with Photopaper Glaze (Size is […]

Hello, it’s nice hearing from you there is a project we started here in our community in Uganda to help the widows and adolescent girls through training them tailaring and this is going to help them to get some job opportunities, unity and peace in our community because we see countries like Kenya ,Somalia etc […]

Wisdom from the Mount

This is the beginning of my book, “Wisdom from the Mount”. With Inspiration I will continue until it is complete. For those who care to read and take the time. I thank you. G-d Bless It has been a long road. Many roads and what I feel has also been many lifetimes. I ask myself, […]

HACHNOSAS SEFER  TORAH – HADASSAH H HADASSAH   YERUSHALAYIM A ONE OF A KIND OCCASION   During the difficult days of Covid-19, with fear reigning in the streets, a remarkable Hachnasas Sefer Torah took place at the children’s department of Hadassah Hospital. Rabbi Meir Chaim Greenbaum founder and director of Tehillim Olumi and his family wanted […]

Highlander Waterproofing

Highlander Waterproofing & Foundation Repair specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Western PA, Western NY, and Eastern OH. Don’t put yourself at risk of a hazard by tolerating a wet or leaking basement. Water in your basement or crawlspace of your home can lead to toxic levels of mold inside your home, as […]

Aquarius Mystery Music

Blupela One World Blue Media Presents The Return of Jimi -Rise of Aquarius Film Release on the 50th Year Anniversary of Jimi’s Death UK Premiere September 18, 2020 USA Premier Reelz Network Spetember 19th 2020 PRODUCTION COMPANY: Star Content TV DIRECTOR Tim Conrad STARING Anthony Aquarius as Jimi Hendrix   AQUARIUS’S 2021 FIRST DEBUT ALBUM […]

Naftali Ziff Pirchesky MPPM – CEO and Founder of One World Blue, LLC

Naftali Ziff Pirchesky was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His strive for achievement was seen throughout his early education in his continual academic performance and with his leadership in Scouting he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. After graduating Taylor Allderdice High School with honors in 1990, he went on to the University of […]

Highlander Waterproofing

Highlander Waterproofing & Foundation Repair specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Western PA, Western NY, and Eastern OH. Don’t put yourself at risk of a hazard by tolerating a wet or leaking basement. Water in your basement or crawlspace of your home can lead to toxic levels of mold inside your home, as […]

A Tribute to Russell Johnson and JRJ Productions

A Glimpse at the Legendary work and Life of Russell Johnson and his company JRJ Productions The Fox Theater/ Atlanta Tony Rich at Superbowl NFL Players festival that He won song of the year and Best New Artist – JRJ owns it. Paul Barrere and Kenny Gradney with Steve Cropper and yours truly, Russell Johnson, […]

Russell Johnson Talent Director for Blupela 1World.Blue Media

JRJ Productions has Joined Forces with One World Blue Media Russell Johnson has teamed with One World Blue, LLC and now serves the Global Corporation as the COO – Chief Operating Officer and Board Member- and is the Chief Talent and Production Director for Blupela One World Blue Media, our Global Network Changing and Healing […]

Embracing and Integrating the Great Unknown, Pt. 1

What has occurred over the last two and 1⁄2 years, from a spiritual perspective, is that we have been allowed to come face to face with life. At the very least, one fantasy we all dabble in is the notion of certainty, and we spend significant portions of our day trying to obtain it. To […]


The Pacific Island of Guam was settled by the second quarter of the 2nd millennium BCE by an Indonesian-Filipino people. Spain officially claimed the island in 1565 but did not attempt to conquer it until the latter part of the 17th century. During the Spanish-American War, the U.S. warship Charleston steamed into Apra Harbor and […]

One World Blue Creative Launch 3/3/23

We are bringing AI to the OWB Lumen Community. Here is our first creation from our One World Blue user-friendly AI integration. Come Join us in a Whole New World of Creation and Exploration      

Approaching Trauma

Trauma becomes not about what has happened to you but rather how you and your body responded to what happened to you. Below is an incredible and candid discussion with Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, a pioneer In approaching trauma for the last 50 years. May we all be blessed to listen with ears of hope, resolve, compassion, and redemption!

Communication – Space Making

Perhaps the most important part of communication is making space, space for the other person to exist as they are, space for yourself to exist as you are. Sometimes I just enjoy noticing how at a supermarket half of the shopping time is spent just making room for each other. This mirrors the Tzimtzum (the […]

Communication via Musical Improvisation

I’ve been thinking a good bit over the years about what i’ve learned, to this point, about communication through improvising with others musically. To be truthful, this does not only exist in improvisation focused music. but as well within orchestras, and symphonies playing highly arranged and structured music. In other words, anything I will say […]

Life in the Philippines: A Foreigner’s Perspective

The Philippine Islands were first conquered by the Malays, the original inhabitants being the Negritos, but became a Spanish colony during the 16th century. As a result Catholicism became the dominant faith there and then as a result of the Spanish-American War the islands were ceded to the United States. The Malays wanted an independent […]


Tibet in Western China was once a powerful Buddhist kingdom. It came under Mongol rule in the 1200s. Eventually it was taken over by China which crushed rebellion there but granted it some autonomy.

The Akha tribe of Laos

The Akha tribe in Laos preserves its unique culture and language in virtual isolation from the rest of Laos.


Japanese culture goes back thousands of years with influences from China including its writing system and influences from Korea and Buddhism and yet Japan became a very modern country in a process that started with the opening of Japan in the 19th Century.

Manta Rays

Manta rays are found in warm water along continents and islands. They are flatter and wider than long and have fins that look like wings. They eat plankton and small fish. They swim and near water surface, propelling themselves by flapping their fins. They even leap or somersault out of the water.  

The Hunza Tribe of Northern Pakistan

The Hunza people, or Hunzakuts live in northern Pakistan and also are to be found in the bordering regions of China, Tajikstan. Local legend states that Hunza may have been associated with the lost kingdom of Shangri La. The people of Hunza are known for enjoying good health and long life spans but this may […]

Bali Wedding Traditions

In Bali Indonesia, a wedding is celebrated up to three full days. Processions and three ceremonies are held for the wedding. After the wedding the bride will move in with her husband’s family. A Balinese saying is “once you marry your partner, you’ve married his family as well.”

Dr. Sister Cynthia Kelly Digital Press Kit

Welcome to the Press Kit Page for Dr. Sister Cynthia Kelly   Dr. Cynthia Kelly – President One World Blue, LLC – Former Founder of Home of Second Chances – Mental Health Outpatient Services. Background in large employee management and operational budgets. Senior Advisor to One World Blue, LLC. Dr. Jones and her brother Bishop […]

The Island of Corsica

The French Island of Corsica the birthplace of Napoleon has switched hands many times. When the Roman Empire’s western half collapsed in the 5th century, the Ostrogoths and Vandals invaded the island that already had a history of being invaded. It soon became the March of Tuscany’s dependency and later was ruled by Pisa and […]

San Marino

Only 61 Square Kilometers San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world. It is completely surrounded by Italy and traces its origin to the early 4th century CE to St. Marinus and a group of Christians escaping Roman persecution.


King Charlemagne recovered what is today the independent country of Andorra from the Muslims in 803. Charlemagne’s grandson, Charles II, granted Andorra to the counts of Urgel, from whom it passed to the bishops of Urgel. Andorra was later governed jointly by representatives of the Spanish bishop of Urgel and of the French head of […]


Finland was a province and later a grand duchy of Sweden. Being influenced by Swedish culture some call it a Scandinavian country but strictly speaking it borders Scandinavia but is not actually a part of it. It later became a grand duchy of Russia. It became an independent country in 1917.  


Bordering with Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Vorarlberg’s culture has been influenced by its neighbors in a way that sets it apart from the rest of Austria.    

Crown Antiques

Antiques galore Crown Antiques & Collectibles has thousands of antiques for sale from stamps to sports memorabilia. You’re sure to find something to treasure at Crown Antiques & Collectibles. We’ll also appraise and buy your antiques! Browse our collection of Black Americana and experience its rich history At Crown Antiques & Collectibles, we have a […]

The Basques

The Basques are a people who have inhabited the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain and southern France for thousands of years. They have a unique and distinctive language and culture which survived despite efforts to suppress them.

Darryl and Kim Music

Platinum is one of R&B music’s most beloved and consistently popular vocal groups. Platinum was formed in 1999 by lead vocalist Darryl Askew, and his friends Carlo Valotta. Mike O’Leary from another local singing group soon joined the group. Platinum performed in a lot of the local clubs in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Prior […]

Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap

A Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based coating that can be sprayed on foods, guarding against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage. “We knew we needed to get rid of the petroleum-based food packaging that is out there and replace it with something more sustainable, biodegradable and nontoxic,” said Philip Demokritou, director of […]

Tony Campbell

Tony Campbell is the youngest saxophone player inducted to the Pittsburgh Jazz Society’s Hall of Fame in 2010. His musical journey began in the Hill District in 1973. At the age of 13 Tony joined a band called The Deltones. In 1979 Tony attended Berklee College of Music, came back to Pittsburgh in 1982 and […]

Jay Durrah’s Art

Jay Durrah is a self-taught artist from Western PA who has been sketching since the age of nine. His grandfather noticed his skills and asked him to draw the sketch in the TV Guide. It was an ad in the journal for an art institution that stated, “If you can draw this, you too can […]

Creating Glitter From Plants

Glitter and shimmery pigments are often made using toxic compounds or pollutive microplastics. A biodegradable alternative could be used as an environmentally friendly alternative. It uses cellulose — the main building block of plant cell walls to create nanoscale patterns that give rise to vibrant structural colors. Such a material could be used to make eco-friendly […]

Ashi’s Healing Water

ASHI’S HEALING WATER AND THE BLUE WORLD WATER PROJECT FOUNDED BY ONE WORLD BLUE, LLC AND THE KAMYA FAMILY   “The One World Blue community extols KKSY, its hope and inspiration, with friends both far and near in building a better world even through our digital age, bridging and uniting people from all backgrounds and […]

The Cherokees

The Cherokees settled in the American Southeast portion of the country. The tribe was of Iroquoian descent. They had originally been from the Great Lakes region of the country, but eventually settled closer to the east coast. They were a strong tribe with several smaller sections, all lead by chiefs. The tribe was highly religious […]

The Bene Israel of India

Bene Israel traditions varies on it’s origin. Some claim descent from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Others believe that their ancestors fled by sea the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes of the Hanukkah story. The Bene Israel adopted Hindu names, and took up the profession of oil production. They were known in Marathi as shaniwar […]

The Cajuns

The Cajuns are descendants of Roman Catholic French Canadians whom the British, in the 18th century, drove from the captured French colony of Acadia (now Nova Scotia and adjacent areas)who settled in the fertile bayou lands of southern Louisiana. The Cajuns today form small, compact, generally self-contained communities. Their patois is a combination of archaic […]

Donico Allen The Autistic Artist

Donico Allen was born in a prison hospital on May 29, 1992. His grandmother took him into her home and retired from her job at the U.S. Postal service to care for him and his siblings. At three years old, Donico was diagnosed with Autism. At twelve he moved with his grandmother and siblings to […]

Fengshui By Pandit Rahul Kaushal

Feng Shui and how its helpful? By Pandit Rahul Kaushal INTRODUCTION to Fengshui It may be a new for those who have never heard about it and very symbolic for those who knew about it. Feng Shui is an important Chinese science that has gained importance due to its popularity in recent years and rather […]

The Beauty of Thailand

Thai Society & Culture Excerpts retrieved from: If you are planning to travel to Thailand, visit this above link to learn more The Wai The wai is the common form of greeting and adheres to strict rules of protocol. Raising both hands, palms joined with the fingers pointing upwards as if in prayer, lightly […]

Sugar Ray Morrison

Ray Morrison better known as Sugar Ray Morrison is a Pittsburgh singer-songwriter. Sugar Ray started in the band called XLR8 where he had the song “Time Goes Bye” playing on light rotation on WAMO. The Duo gained fast success with a unique blend of Pop, R & B and Island sounds before breaking up. Sugar […]


Marronage—the flight of enslaved men and women was a common occurrence in the Americas and Caribbean from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Originally believed to be of Spanish origin (cimarrón; French marron), the term “maroon” is now thought to derive from a Hispaniola Taino root meaning “fugitive,” which combined with the Spanish cimá (mountaintop). […]

The Gullah

In music class when I was in junior high school my teacher told us something fascinating about former African American slaves who settled off the Southern United States coastline and said that to this day their descendents have their own language developed on the islands. I found it intriguing and it stuck in the back […]

Tempa Dukte Lama

Tempa Lama Introduction to the Nature of Mind My dear friends, I would like to share this video with you all. Have a beautiful week. Tempa Dukte Lama     Tempa dukte lama short talk on the nature of mind and threefold path of liberation in Bon Tradition of Tibet.    


  The Tahitians, or Maohis, are indigenous peoples of Tahiti and thirteen other Society Islands, as well as the modern population of these lands of mixed ancestry (French: demis). The Tahitians are one of the most significant indigenous Polynesian peoples of Oceania. The original Tahitian society was unaware of metal as it was based on […]

Robert Geminder

WE SHALL NEVER FORGET Survivor: Robert Geminder By Jane Ulman In the early morning of Oct. 12, 1941, German authorities ordered the Jews of Stanislawow, Poland, to report to the town square. Six-year-old Robert (Bob) Geminder huddled there with his mother, grandmother and brother, George. The group of approximately 20,000 Jews was then marched to […]

The Groove Doctors PGH

“A Fantastic Dance Party Band” The Groove Doctors are versatile, flexible, and comfortable playing all styles of music at all kinds of events. For a four-piece band, the sound is much larger than the sum of its parts. “Our mission is to be adaptable to what the occasion calls for.” – Joseph Garuccio (Guitarist and […]


Melungeons, dark-skinned mountaineers of eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia and Kentucky, have sparked myths and theories over the past century: among them that they were descendants of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, or the Roma, the Gypsies. Some have speculated on connections with the Lumbee Indians in Robeson County or the Lost Colonists of the Outer Banks. The […]

Divincemoore Music

    Please check out “An Evening with Divincemoore Music”. Tx info below. Blupela Media Concert Series is in support of Sounds of Saving, . Saving Lives Thru Music. Please your support is needed and crucial. Tx only $7.70. Click Here For Ticketing Page for “An Evening with Divincemoore Music”     “Songs are always in […]

Ebonie Paris

SONGSTRESS – Ebonie Paris – Singer, Song writer & Recording Artist Born and raised in Brooklyn NY Ebonie began singing at a early age, singing gospel in church and the performing arts. She performs classic R&B, Jazz & a touch of Motown hits. Her soulful expressions will create an experience to remember. She covers […]

Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone

Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone KRISTIN ANDREWS, THE CONVERSATION 6 APRIL 2022 A recently proposed aquaculture octopus farm in the Canary Islands would raise 3,000 metric tons of octopus a year, which means almost 275,000 individual octopuses will be killed annually. My research examines animal minds and ethics, […]

The Music of AJ Jansen

     “Award-winning country artist, AJ Jansen, knows that great music starts with a long background of pursuit, determination, and passion. With encouragement from her family, her musical aspirations grew into a blossoming, successful career as a new, emerging country singer-songwriter. Known for her “instinctive rhythms and catchy lead […]

The Music of Patrick McGregor

Hello, my name is Patrick McGregor     I’m a simple man who loves being home, the practice of martial arts and of course, writing and performing music. I’ve been passionate about music since the age of 5. While I wasn’t formally trained, what I do comes from the heart. I consider music a gift, […]

Michael Crichton

In some of my most challenging years, thank you for the friendship I found in you through reading your books. You are the only author in my life whom I have followed and read consistently. May you have a peaceful place in the world to come. Many Blessings, Joel Founder and CEO One World Blue, […]

The Music of Nissim Black

  His name is Nissim – which means miracles in Hebrew. Seward Park is a neighborhood in southeast Seattle. Most of  Seattle’s Orthodox Jews live there. Nissim Black, formerly Damian Black grew up in Seward Park a few blocks from Rainier Avenue which borders with Seward Park. ! His grandparents were musicians who worked alongside […]


The Greeks are known to have established colonies and carried out extensive trade on the Circassian coast of the Black Sea, and their influence is clear. The successive influence or outright control of the Romans, Khazars, Mongols, Crimean Tatars, Turks, and Russians was to follow. In the great territorial wars that ensued between Russia, Persia, […]

The Daur

Prior to the 17th century, the Daur lived along the Shilka River in modern day northeast Russia as well as the Heilongjiang, Zeya, and Bureya Rivers. Today, that region is known, among other names, as Dauria. In the mid-17th century, the Daur came under the control of the Manchu, a fellow northeast Asian people who had […]

The Ocean Clean Up

Boyan Slat (1994) is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technologies to solve societal problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, which develops advanced systems to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop

Beans And Beyond The original Beau’s Coffee opened January 2016 in a 500 square foot space in Wilmington, NC. The original shop was run by 19 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With over 70% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) unemployed nationwide, Beau’s Coffee created a path for people with IDD to […]

Christine Frechard Gallery

When Art Coincides with a Strong Spiritual Quest “We are energy. Art is energy with powerful vibrations . I try to bring all these good vibes into my gallery space, as I believe that strong artwork is a means for spiritual awakening.“ -Art Director of the Christine Frechard Gallery, ChristineFrechard For gallery owner and art […]

Vortex Helicopter’s Pilot Training School

ONE WORLD BLUE NETWORK JOURNAILISM REVIEW FOR VORTEX HELICOPTER PILOT TRAINING: Interview and Review by Gedaliah Aronson – Staff Writer for One World Blue Media For Jacqueline and Carlos Cabral, developers of the Vortex Helicopter Pilot School in Pittsburgh, PA, training the next generation of experienced helicopter pilots is a moral imperative. “We have a […]

Brad Howard

“Country is not just my music; country is my life.” — Brad Howard ‘THE BEST NEW OLD COUNTRY AROUND!’ Brad has recorded three full length albums and an EP album.  Two of his recorded songs have been nominated for Song of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. The Blue Ridge mountains echo through Brad Howard’s […]


Supertint Flying to Save Windows Supertint Family Photo We started out as the father and son team installing residential/commercial window film professionally since 1993. We made it an official family business in 2001 with the introduction of Supertint to the Tri-State area! Linda joined the Supertint team in 2004 and became a co-owner of the […]

Bringing Light to the Ukraine

Federation of Small Jewish Communities of Central and West Ukraine We are bringing Light to the people of the Ukraine We are a division of Federation of the Jewish Communities of the CIS – Commonwealth Independent States The Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) was established in November 1998 to revive the Jewish communities of […]

The House of Goosmon

Writer & Singer Tom Mondell and Musician & Producer Dan Hobel join forces to bring you a unique and diverse style of electronic beats that combine melodic high-tech samples with addictive warm organic sounds.     House of Goosmon Album – Hala “my favorite activity is listening to music. always has been, always will be! […]

True Blue Healing Arts

5501 Walnut St Suite 305 (3rd floor) Pittsburgh, PA, 15232 724-234-5964 By appointment only Located in the heart of shadyside, right above Hennes Jewerly I won’t be able to answer the phone during a session so please feel free to leave me a message or contact me through here Hours by appointment only! Monday […]

Smooke Chiropractic

DR. JOEL SMOOKE Smooke Chiropractic Clinic 828 Hazelwood Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217 Contact Information (412) 422-4321 “As a Chiropractor, I believe in the whole body approach involving care and especially prevention to eliminate the need for acute care.” – Dr. Smooke Smooke Chiropractic has been operating from its Squirrel Hill/Greenfield location in Pittsburgh,PA for 29 […]

Bridges for Peace

Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world. Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘I am zealous for Zion with great zeal; With great fervor I am zealous for her.’ Zechariah 8:2   Mission Statement Bridges for Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships […]

Louson Drums

Louson Drums is a custom drum company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We create custom drum kits, cajóns, and percussion instruments 412-501-3786 Our goal is to fit musician to instrument. As a small company, we can devote individual attention to your custom drum building requests, whether you want a full drum kit, bass drum or custom cajón. […]

Global Market Retail

Global Market Retail is a specialty gift store featuring favorites like authentic Moroccan decor (furniture and lamps)fashion jewelry, musicals instruments and exotic items from around the world. Our goal is to provide you with a superb shopping experience by distributing positive energy through the beautiful pieces we have in our store. Thanks, Mostafa Hnadi Above […]

National Children’s Campaign

National Children’s Campaign is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization to serve as a catalyst to inspire, encourage and empower to make America’s children & youth a national priority by promoting health, education, safety, economic & environmental security through the power of strategic media and internet partnerships, experts, business and community leaders, celebrity spokespeople and grassroots […]

Vortex Helicopter Services

Vortex Helicopter Services provides professional helicopter services to Southwestern Pennsylvania and unforgettable Pittsburgh helicopter tours. PROFESSIONAL PITTSBURGH HELICOPTER SERVICES Who doesn’t dream of being at the top of a helicopter in Pittsburgh? The experience is one to look forward to and the view is something that many people hope to get at some time. There […]

Africa – The Maasai

  Retrieved from: The Maasai people of East Africa live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley on semi-arid and arid lands. The Maasai occupy a total land area of 160,000 square kilometers with a population of approximately one half million people. However, many Maasai see the national census as […]

Bill Shea Photography

Bill Shea is a free-lance photographer working out of Newport, Rhode Island. He concentrates on yacht racing and marine lifestyle photography. His sailing photographs regularly appear in sailing magazines and online. Awarded first place in a juried photo exhibit hosted by the Newport Photo Guild in 2018. Bill is the photographer for the Newport Yacht […]


About Racing for Israel Athletic competition, including motorsports, offers an opportunity to establish contacts between nations in conflict, promoting dialogue and reconciliation. ​The promotion of amateur motorsports in the State of Israel creates opportunities for Israeli young men and women to compete internationally in one of the most popular sports in the world. ALON DAY […]

Lion Adventure Travels

LION ADVENTURE TRAVELS Welcome   LION ADVENTURE TRAVELS We believe in travel, journeys that build harmony, connection between people, communities, and the environment. We believe in its potential to enrich lives, heal individuals and empower societies along the way. We are pleased to announce exclusive tours in various parts of Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, South […]


DISCOVERING THE WILDLIFE HERITAGE OF MADAGASCAR – 11 DAYS A Mecca for Wildlife Heritage Madagascar is a Mecca for the diversity of life with a unique faunal and floral world. We have selected parks and reserves that will offer you the best opportunities to discover endemic species: lemurs, chameleons, birds etc in their natural environment […]

Everest Base Camp Trek – Lion Adventure Travels

Everest Base Camp Trek Everest has been in the imagination of adventurer worldwide since the summit of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1950. The majesty and myths associated with Everest and the Sherpa community living there are so great trekking to its base camp (17,590′) itself is an adventure of a […]

Remembering Heather Heyer

May 29, 1985 – August 12, 2017 Heather Heyer dedicated her life to standing up for those she felt were not being heard, her family and friends said. Ms. Heyer lived alone with her Chihuahua, Violet, named after her favorite color. Friends described her as a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised, often moved to tears […]

Vortex Helicopter Pilot Training School

We have a wide range of helicopter pilot training services – Learn more here! We provide training to novice as well as experienced pilots and offer a vast range of supplementary pilot training courses. Taking a tour can be exciting. However, the thrill of flying a helicopter on your own is unmatched. You will need […]

Vortex Helicopter Tours

Fly With Us Vortex Helicopter Services provides professional helicopter services to Southwestern Pennsylvania and unforgettable Pittsburgh helicopter tours. PROFESSIONAL PITTSBURGH HELICOPTER SERVICES Who doesn’t dream being at the top of a helicopter in Pittsburgh? The experience is one to look forward to and the view is something that many people hope to get at some […]


“I began singing and performing as soon as I was walking” “I started with piano lessons in elementary school, like most do, but grew aggravated with the classical approach and I quit in middle school because I just wanted to play songs I liked which at the time was nearly exclusively Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, […]

John Lennon Stands for Peace

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940. He rose to fame as a member of the iconic singing group, the Beatles. Lennon recognized that he could use his celebrity status to change the way people thought about issues.  Imagine at Strawberry Fields Central Park [Taken by the Founder of One World Blue Media 1992] […]

Dany Vavrek Acoustic

    Dany Vavrek is an acoustic singer/songwriter based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Combining a broad and continually growing catalog of originals and covers with a warm, unpretentious, and welcoming stage presence, Vavrek’s music leaves you with a cozy feeling. “My passion for music was sparked in the 6th grade when I was 13 or 14 […]

Big Mountain Band Big Mountain is an American Reggae band best known for their remake of Peter Frampton’s “Ooh, Baby, I Love Your Way” which became a top 10 international hit that took Big Mountain up the charts and on tour around the world. With vocalist and songwriter Joaquin “Quino” McWhinney distinctive voice, “Baby I Love Your Way” […]

Ohr Simcha Children’s Home

Please Help the most underprivileged children in Israel Due to the unfortunate circumstances that many of our children come from, they require extra light and joy to compensate for the years of deprivation and suffering they have endured. Ohr Simcha was founded in 1971 and is among the nation’s most experienced institutions of this sort. […]

Whale Sanctuary Project

Dr. David Vaughan Executive Director, Summerland Key Campus Dave Vaughan is Executive Director of Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration in Summerland Key, Florida. He is also the manager of the Coral Restoration program and manages the Protect Our Reef Grants program. Dr. Vaughan directed research and education programs previously […]


The Roma are an ethnic people who have migrated across Europe for a thousand years. The Roma culture has a rich oral tradition, with an emphasis on family. Often portrayed as exotic and strange, the Roma have faced discrimination and persecution for centuries. Today, they are one of the largest ethnic minorities in Europe — […]

Iranian Zoroastrians

The history of Zoroastrianism began with the Prophet Zarathushtra teaching what was called “the Good Religion,” to ancient Persia and Central Asia. His teachings taught obedience to one god; while he drew a small group of dedicated men and women, he also met with great resistance from local priests and princes. According to legend, Zarathushtra […]

Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Warul Kawa (Deliverance Island), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, Australia. There are an estimated 274 small islands in Torres Strait, which separates Australia’s Cape York Peninsula from Papua New Guinea. The islands and their waters and reefs are home to many rare and unique species. Torres Strait is named after a Spanish captain, Torres, who sailed […]

Semester at Sea Egypt 1993

A Large Impetus and Inspiration for a Network like One World Blue was my trip which I took when in college in 1993 on Semester At Sea. We Journeyed to 10 Countries Around the World While Studying on a Ship. What an Adventure and Eye-Opening Experience it was to the Beauty and Magnificence of the […]


HEALTHY PLANET – PLANETA SANO HEALTHY PLANET, HEALTHY LIFE PLANETA SANO, VIDA SANA WHAT IS A HEALTHY PLANET? ¿QUÉ ES PLANETA SANO? Planeta Sano is an association dedicated to the research, implementation, training and promotion of a healthy life through native organic food and the correct use of medicinal plants and renewable construction materials. Planeta […]

Szekely People of Transylvania

Szekely People of Transylvania   Seeing as I am a Hungarian from Transylvania, I have to make my first “Light of Culture” about the Szekely people of Transylvania. I don’t exactly know if I have Szekely blood in me or not, but while growing up, I was often referred to as “egy szep Szekely fiu” […]

Masaka Kids Africana

MISSION AND HISTORY Masaka Kids Africana is on the ground in Uganda to help as many young people as it can. It gives children safe shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care. In Uganda, there are no public schools, so without school fees, children don’t learn. Through Masaka Kids Africana, children gain an education and […]

Michael Manna, The Pittsburgh Bull

“God gave me the opportunity to do something bigger with the stage I’ve been given.” – Michael “The Bull” Manna Life is a journey. Each of us is on an individual quest, and as a human family, we all have a shared story and destiny. To seek, search, question, and wonder is to be human, […]

Leah’ Spa and Salon

You deserve to be pampered – and Leah’Spa & Salon, LLC is the perfect destination for relaxation. Enjoy a full menu of soothing services to calm and rejuvenate your body. As a full-service salon, you will be able to have all your beauty needs met in one location! Feel relaxed and uplifted as you experience […]

Straight Up Photography

  WHY CHOOSE STRAIGHT UP PHOTOGRAPHY? – Straight up Photography was born out of the fire of high stress environment of Hollywood film making. Each job done is carefully planned and plotted to achieve the highest quality footage . Planning around weather patterns, seasonal look, and time of day are all just the tip of […]

BRADLEY SETTING Senior Event Producer

 BRADLEY SETTING Senior Event Producer Hello. I am a seasoned in-house brand steward; team lead and client relations professional with hands-on experience creating strategies to deliver groundbreaking concepts that redefine how brands connect with customers and bring stories and experiences to life in unique and memorable ways. Justin Timberlake Live In New Orleans Los Angeles […]

Sunday’s Kind of Country

About Us Sunday’s Kind of Country was established in 1995 with one simple mission in mind: to bring Positive Message, Christian Country Music to its listeners. Today, SKOC, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the fastest growing radio programs in the country. With its incomparable, inspirational show and award winning host, Robby Lynn, it’s […]

The Art of Theo

Theo Caloyer Art Theo is an artist located in in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. “My art is my way to get my emotions out. I find it difficult to describe my art because it’s always changing. What you see on the canvas is in some way a reflection of my emotions at that time.” “I believe I […]

Drift Hookah Lounge

Drift Hookah Lounge Reviews December 11, 2019 My friend and I visited from out of town and chose this one out of 4 that I found in Pittsburgh. The owner was friendly and knowledgeable about hookahs (which, sadly, is not always the case at hookah bars), good prices, a large selection of flavors and all […]

Jonathan’s Tea Moments: IV

By Jonathan Aryeh Wayne     IV – Xiang Wei Tuo Cha, “Blood of the Ancients”, Shou Nest, Chinese Pu-er. Description: This large nest variety shares the shape of pu-erla, but it is much larger. It is one of our darker, ruddier pu-ers. The strong, earthy, slightly astringent flavor is reminiscent of underground caverns where treasures […]

Dobrá Tea Pittsburgh

Welcome to Dobrá Tea Pittsburgh!  Nathaniel Pantalone (owner) At Dobrá Tea, we provide a clean, comfortable, meditative environment to enjoy tea, along with great knowledge of this modest plant. Our tea is served in traditional vessels from the country of origin or in handmade pottery of traditional style when possible.  It is our goal to serve […]

Group Meditation Literally Changes the World

Science Has Proven That Group Meditation Literally Changes The World Not a lot is truly understood about quantum physics, but one thing science is at least a little bit sure of is that mass meditation has quantum results on both the meditator and the world. In 1978, researchers discovered what they call the Maharishi Effect. […]

How the Rainbow Got Its Stripes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Len Estrin January 2021 Writer/retired prison chaplain collaborates with death row inmate on a children’s book for the times. Almost everyone knows the story of Noah’s Ark, and how Noah saved two of every animal from the Great Flood. In How the Rainbow got its Stripes, Noah protects his pets, […]

8 Billion Trees

8 BILLION TREES’ MISSION The mission is simple: change the world one tree at a time. By subscribing and becoming a part of 8 Billion Trees’ global initiative, 8 Billion Trees will save 100 existing trees and plant at least 10 new trees per month on your behalf. 8 Billion Trees thinks it’s something to […]

Taylor Road Synagogue

TAYLOR ROAD SYNAGOGUE YOUR ORTHODOX FAMILY ORIENTED SHUL IN CLEVELAND HEIGHTS ABOUT US TAYLOR ROAD SYNAGOGUE counts more than 3,500 families as members over our more than a century-long existence. Our proud history includes milestones such as housing a vibrant and inclusive religious school and one of the city’s most respected early learning centers. Our […]

Phat Man Dee

    Friends! Yinzers! Co-conspirators in Patriotic Magic! Fellow lovers of jazz and bellydance and burlesque and everything that makes life worth living!!!! I am happy to know you! I am happy that we are connected, even if it’s sometimes only through the digital ether we know of as the inter webs! I don’t write […]

Nadia Salon

About Us Nadia Salon, Inc. is located on Walnut Street in the heart of Shadyside. Our Staff of talented Stylists offer Custom Styling, Cutting and Coloring services to satisfy your individual needs. Our specialty services include Copolla Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Balayage Highlighting technique. Brow and Lip Waxing available. Manicure and pedicure services available. Get […]

The Life Coaching Team of One World Blue

Coaches of One World Blue – Talent, Business, Life and Health One Hour Coaching Session with one of our  accomplished Coaches  $145 per hour Book A Session Today Naftali Ziff Pirchesky CEO and Founder of 1WorldBlue Media Network Naftali has 30 years experience in energetic healing based on his spiritual journey. 30 years experience with […]

Mr. Roger Humphries – Jazz Legend – Pittsburgh

Interview and article written by Gedaliah Aronson – Journalist for One World Blue Roger Humphries is a living jazz legend. He is the bearer of the torch of the music, and a long-standing pillar of Pittsburgh’s illustrious and continuous contribution to America’s art form. “People have all kinds of ideas about what others should do […]

Animals Angels

“We are there with the animals.“ Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with full-time investigators working in the United States to fight animal abuse, expose cruelty and improve conditions. Animals’ Angels, Inc. PO Box 1056 Westminster, MD 21158 E-mail: Office: 443-821-3343 Fax: 443-821-3349 Our team works primarily in the […]


A.J. Brown The Man Behind The Music Born in Montego Bay 1957, AJ Brown ranks among Jamaica’s greatest vocal talents. From Reggae to Jazz, World Beat to R&B, Pop to Classical, his vocal style transcends genres, musical eras, and generations. The influence of musical icons, such as, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, […]


“When poverty, violence and disease are discussed, no one thinks about the Caribbean. It’s just a place to vacation and sit in the sun. People don’t know that St. Lucia has one of the highest rates of diabetes per capita in the world. They look at the bare feet of the children playing soccer in […]

Sound Healing Session with Joel Nuftali Ziff Pirchesky – a Modern Day Global Shaman

45 Minute Healing Session with accomplished Sound and Energy Healer Joel Nuftali Ziff Pirchesky – a Modern Day Global Shaman Joel has 25 years experience in energetic healing based on his spiritual journey. 20 years experience with Native American Flute healing and transcendence 25 years practitioner of Natural Chi Movement What you will Receive with […]

Chris Bellamy Click Here to View The Events Calendar Click Here to View Chris Bellamy’s Videos About Chris Chris Bellamy/Silver Buckle Records Artist/Chris Bellamy Publishing/Chris Bellamy Music. Chris Bellamy…Performing Artist, Songwriter, Recording Producer, Master Guitar Player, Studio Engineer, Music Career Consultant and Owner at Chris Bellamy Publishing. Chris is a signed Artist at Silver Buckle Records […]

Michelle Kaye

Artist Bio Michelle Kaye is a multi-award winning recording artist, keyboardist, percussionist, film composer and singer/songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has written music for film, radio, meditations, fashion shows, the dance floor and more. The Akademia, out of Los Angeles, California, awarded her with ‘Best Pop/Dance Song’ in July 2015, for her song ‘Don’t […]

His Excellency Taj Weekes

Taj Weekes is a dreadlocked Rastafarian singer-songwriter who fronts a dynamic reggae band named Adowa.  Raised in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia but shaped by intercontinental life experience, he is also an unwavering, energetic humanitarian, who founded his children’s charity, TOCO (They Often Cry Outreach).  His efforts earned him the title UNICEF Champion for Children […]

Table of Hope

A place “Where Hope Starts, and the Community Gathers to Share”. TOH serves meals 5:30–7p.m., Monday-Friday at no cost to the Morris County area. MOBILE FOOD PANTRY A generous donor contributed a school bus that was wrapped with our logos and signage. Our Mobile Food Pantry distributes food throughout Morris County. For updated information on […]

Redefined & Co

Giving new life to what others no longer need. Joe Rieland is devoted to getting the maximum value of what others no longer use. His profession involves recovering donated organs and tissues for transplantation. “I prepare the operating room, assist surgeons, and help assign the recovered organs to waiting patients.” It’s intense, time-critical, and emotionally […]

Laniado Hospital and its Founder

  Article Compiled by Bernard Asper of OWB   During the Holocaust more than 12,000 Jews were gassed every day in Auschwitz’s gas chambers. Amongst them were the wife and 11 children of Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam, scion of the famous Sanz Chassidic Rabbinic Dynasty. In June 1944, 10,000 inmates, including the 39 year old […]

Setting Entertainment

  EVENT PRODUCTION-EVENT CONSULTING ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL 1-844-SETTENT Our Services Strategy & Design -Experiential event marketing consulting -Event branding -Concept development -Technical design -Theatrics Entertainment -Entertainment consulting -Business theater -Talent casting, booking, and management -Scripting -Interactive performance options Event Planning & Management -Comprehensive event planning -General session development -Budget development and management -Timeline and logistics […]

Numerology for Enlightened Living

Numerology for Enlightened Living Facebook Sign up for my email list and receive 20% off your next reading! Contact About LAVERNE LaVerne Baker Hotep, is founder of Verna Darnel, Intl., a consultancy specializing in numerological forecasting and analysis. She is also a member of the UK-based Internationales Numerolgues. Finally, as a family development specialist […]

Care Foundation Malawi

CARE FOUNDATION Malawi Rumphi District Concept on supporting most vulnerable children living in and on the street to prevent further spread of COVID-19 Compiled By: George Mlowoka Executive Director Cell: +265 999 940 159 Email: 1. Introduction Care Foundation (CAFO) is a local Non Profit making Organisation established in October 2018 in response to the […]

Gutman’s Story Goes to Hollywood

Ynet News did a video of Gutman Locks spiritual journey. “The footage they found to illustrate the story is outrageous. It is always embarrassing to see what I had to go though to get here, but the lives the video will help far outweigh the embarrassment…at least that’s what they keep telling me.” Gutman’s Story […]

The Holy Tomb of King David

Click here to Donate HAVE YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE PRAYED FOR AT THE TOMB OF KING DAVID PSALMS OF DAVID ARE RECITED 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week Dear Friend! Mosdos Kever Dovid HaMelech (The King David’s Tomb Institutions) is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about this holy site […]

Pittsburgh Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center

Pittsburgh Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Center 20 Cedar Blvd Suite 301 Pittsburgh, PA 15228 Call 412-563-3328 to schedule an appointment “The body has the ability and innate desire to heal itself.” -Dr. Cheng “Charlie” Yang The Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Center has proudly served the Pittsburgh community since 2001, delivering professional, friendly, and holistic […]

Switch for better by Coach Edwin

BY COACH EDWIN Switch your life for better. You are not happy change. You upset take a break. You been trying hard and it’s not working, change the technique. Ask for some outside help. Do not get stagnant. Switch and bring the change in you.

Bobby Mcferrin

Bobby Mcferrin has been a musical hero of mine ever since I watched a recording of a concert he gave in 1986 called Spontaneous Inventions. I had heard of him of course because of his 1988 hit “Don’t Worry Be Happy” , but at the time I found this video I had most likely only […]

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: About three years ago, I read a Louis Armstrong biography and while I was reading I began to listen to suggested recordings offered by the author (Thank G-d it was all available on youtube, incredible!) I fell in love with the sound of his horn and his phrasing, and his singing, and the […]

Linda Dibucci Piatt Sotheby’s International Realty

Linda Dibucci Real Estate Professional in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania United States Expertise, Loyalty, and Integrity With over 30 years experience, Pittsburgh real estate agent Linda DiBucci is renowned by colleagues and clients for loyalty, professionalism, and knowledge of this dynamic and unique real estate market. Linda and her team’s mission is to provide each of our […]

Kambale Musavuli

Shining a Light on Darkenss By Rege Behe Kambale Musavuli knows what the heart of darkness looks like. A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), he has become an eloquent witness to the atrocities in his homeland that has been torn apart by violence, rape, and genocide. But as Musavuli, a national spokesman […]

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk By Rege Behe Certain subjects have long been considered risky for polite conversation, including race, politics, money, sex and religion. But Cora Daniels thinks it’s important for people to express their opinions, even if broaching such topics makes people uncomfortable. “It’s not as hard as we think it’s going to be,” […]

Freedom From Fracking

The Costs of Fracking By Rege Behe About eleven years ago, Rusted Root’s Michael Glabicki met with a group of Pittsburghers concerned about plans to introduce fracking within the city’s limits. Since then, he’s become increasingly concerned about the procedure’s effects. “I hear from fans whose drinking water has been devastated in their towns and […]

Blupela in the Himalyas

Blupela and the One World Blue Corporation want to thank our longtime advisor, Tempa Lama, and his cousin for spreading the Blupela message to the Earth’s magnificent rooftop touching the heavens in the Himalaya mountains! The One World Blue Corporation is indebted to Tempa for his decade of service as an advisor to the corporation […]

Nick Vijucic

Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with phocomelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms

Music Meditation and Healing

  Take time out of every day to relax and clear your mind. 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 and more….. It is great for the body and great for the mind. Healing happens in the space of meditation. Think of a calm beautiful place you have been to in your life and keep that […]

Success – By Sholom Epstein – And THE ONE WORLD BLUE TEAM

OWB Wants to Thank All of Those Who Have Contributed to Our Success To Date: A Saying from a Friend : Success and Failure both have the same amount of letters…. However Success has a sweet smell While Failure has nothing at all…. Thank you to my Friend for the continued Inspirations Now a word […]

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park Part 3 by Nathaniel Pantalone

Elephants drinking and bathing in the mid-day sun. A mother and her baby. The baby was happy to sleep right before this photo, but the mother insisted they needed to leave. Two zebra. The younger one is eating grass. A “laughing” zebra. Same group as the photo above. The lighting is odd because of the […]

Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Chanoyu By Nathaniel Pantalone

  Matcha ceremony (Chanoyu) is very complicated. Students of Chanoyu go to University to learn and study every aspect of it! Books that are written about it cannot hold all of its complexities within. Nonetheless, in this Spotlight, we will endeavor to shed a faint light on one of the most beautiful and complicated ceremonies […]

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park Part 1 by Nathaniel Pantalone

Part one of photo diary of Hluhluwe Park in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). A small monkey who was keen on eating some of my breakfast. An interesting bird. Smoke from the controlled burn of the grassland. A mad elephant. (We got to close to the babies) All photos are copyright of their owner, Nathaniel Pantalone   […]


  Malaysian Rainforest 1993 Semester At Sea Journey   Joel Pirchesky – Founder of One World Blue, LLC and (on Right) Friend Buddy Parco (on Left)

Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher

Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Diaspora Yeshiva, is not only a popular speaker and teacher, but also a dynamic thinker and writer. A student of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky and Harav Gedalia Schorr, Rabbi Sprecher was granted smicha (rabbinical ordination) by Torah Vodaath Yeshiva. Prior to his current position, Rabbi Sprecher […]

Richard Chaim Van Sickle

  My name is Richard Van Sickle. I am 45 and currently I can’t see due to having cancer when I was 7. Having seen I still can relate to people about colors. After receiving 52 radiation treatments and a year and a half of chemotherapy I am now in remission. I had to relearn […]

The Power of One

Aleph – A Meaning of Oneness Another name for our Creator is Ein Sof, literally the “Without End”. Ein Sof is related to the word, Ayin, which begins with an Aleph and means “nothing”. Aryeh Kaplan explains that one connotation of the term Ein Sof is “the Ultimate Nothingness”. Whatever creation springs from this Ultimate […]

Om Mani Padme Hum

What can a Tree Teach Us?   I want to share with you an experience I had a almost 30 years ago when I was 21. I was taking a course from a company called Landmark Education. They do transformational and self development work. They promise you to get out of the course what you […]

Bryan McCormick

  Bryan McCormick is a 32-year old T8 complete paraplegic who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. At 6 feet 8 inches tall, he is a pretty unusual sight. One doesn’t come across too many people in a wheelchair, who are tall enough to play in the NBA. With his size, he could be a menacing figure, but […]

Brenda Vance

  ONE TOUGH MUDDER Brenda Vance was the typical American kid growing up in Illinois. In her youth she played and enjoyed sports, then as she got into her teen years she found herself doing more drinking, partying, eating lots of junk food, well… basically behaved like a typical rebellious teen. By the time she […]

Mel Brooks

  While he doesn’t know it, and in fact… he doesn’t even know I exist, Mel Brooks’ comedy got me through one of the darkest times of my life, and for that I can’t thank him enough. I had a falling accident in September of 1993, that left me paralyzed from the waist down. While […]

Heron of Alexandria

  Heron of Alexandria, also called Hero (flourished c. ad 62, Alexandria, Egypt), Greek geometer and inventor whose writings preserved for posterity a knowledge of the mathematics and engineering of Babylonia, ancient Egypt, and the Greco-Roman world. (source: It is almost certain that Hero taught at the Museum which included the famous Library of […]


BASS REEVES… THE REAL “LONE RANGER”? I’m sure you are familiar with the legend of the Lone Ranger, his sidekick “Tonto”, and his horse “Silver”, but what if I told you that the Lone Ranger you know, was created from, and based on a man by the name of Bass Reeves, a true life Deputy […]

Ayin Enterprises

Established in 2008, Ayin Enterprises will include the following ventures: The 1WorldBlue Network, bringing unity to our planet and facilitating the healing of mankind one good deed at a time. Blupela consists of five modules: 1) Crowdfunding projects for both non-profit and for-profit ventures, 2) The Lumen Community, 3) Planet Sanctuary, 4) Cultural Excursion, […]

The Music Never Stopped

I say the Music Never Stopped!! Thank you Jerry for all you gave     Excerpted from “So Many Roads: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead” Three songs into the show, the house lights still on, the time had come for “Dire Wolf,” but with a perverse twist no one had anticipated. Twenty-five […]

(In)dispensable: Who is essential in America?

(In)dispensable: Who is essential in America? Last week I set out from Syracuse to delve into the question: ‘In light of the coronavirus pandemic, who is considered “essential” in America?’ Cristena, 35 // Raleigh, NC “I’ve been working here for about 4 years and make $8.25/hr. It’s pretty good work. Simple, easy and I do […]


“Wisdom” Elder in the village of Opucet, Uganda  

Smiley the blind therapy dog

Take a Look, and you can tell how Smiley Got His Name But what he does for other people will be how he is remembered.  

Food Forests

Forest Gardening Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Making use of companion planting, these can be intermixed to grow in a succession of layers, to build a […]

Great Barrier Reef

  Facts about the Great Barrier Reef Source: As the largest living structure on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef is incredibly rich and diverse. Stretching 2300 kilometres, this natural icon is so large it can even be seen from outer space. While it’s known mostly for its large maze of colourful reefs, its […]

Ape Action

  Caring for a Baby Gorilla at Ape Action Africa Wild gorillas and chimpanzees are on the brink of extinction. Habitat loss and poaching threaten these magnificent animals like never before. Ape Action Africa is committed to ape conservation in Africa – protecting Cameroon’s great apes through direct action, including rescuing orphaned gorillas, chimpanzees and […]

Dr. David Vaughan –

Dr. David Vaughan Executive Director, Summerland Key Campus Dave Vaughan is Executive Director of Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration in Summerland Key, Florida. He is also the manager of the Coral Restoration program and manages the Protect Our Reef Grants program. Dr. Vaughan directed research and education programs previously […]

Elephant Haven Thailand

Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens of distressed elephants from all over Thailand. […]

Dr. Georges Bwelle

Doctor Bwelle; The “Robin Hood” of Africa! – By Issa N. Nyaphaga ©2010 “I have been dealing with the realities of African societies for the past 30 years; and looking at the work of Dr. Georges Bwelle, I can say: “The Contemporary Africa is a Sleeping Giant for Social Change.” I had been honored to […]

Narcisse Sandjon

Narcisse Sandjon; Making Films on the Local Leaders of the Youth. By Issa N. Nyaphaga ©2015 Narcisse is an independent director, producer and filmmaker based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He has worked for the CRTV – (Cameroon Radio Television) since 2009 as director of scriptwriting, cameraman and a spotlight designer. Beside his day job, Sandjon runs […]

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti’s AfroBeat; or the Pan-African Revolution Through Music. By Issa Nyaphaga Fela Kuti, is known in Africa as Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His “middle name” ANIKULAPO in Yoruba means “the one who has death in his pocket.” For the mainstream media and the public in the West he is simply Fela. Mr. Kuti has gone […]

Patch Adams

Hunter Campbell “Patch” Adams The Clown with a Big Heart is a social activist, citizen diplomat, professional clown, performer, and author. He founded the Gesundheit! Institute in 1972. Every year he organizes a group of volunteers from around the world to travel to various countries where they dress and perform as clowns, bringing hope and […]

Ibrahim, the Coach on the Wheelchair

Ibrahim Abdoulaye – Since ever he was a child, Ibrahim barely remembers the last time he stood up and walked. Ibrahim was victim of Polio disease at the age of one and half year old in his village in N’ditam. Because of the lack of information in his family, his parents were not able to […]

Enoh Meyomesse

Enoh Meyomesse: – The Writer, the Prison and the Pen of Steel! In most political imprisonments of an artist, musician, writer, poet or intellectual, the incarcerated does not claim their freedom directly to the head of state. After Mr. Enoh Meyomesse spent 40 months in prison for his ideas and politically opposing Paul Biya, president […]

Richie Parker, NASCAR racing team engineer

“There are certain advantages to having a disability,” he said. “I’m used to having to do things 10 times, 20 times, 30 times. That’s an advantage in the workplace. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with who are ready to quit after something doesn’t work the first time.”   “I can’t say […]

Mission Mahi

There’s no way to miss Jimmy Woods’ food truck when it passes you on the road. It’s painted in a swirl of bright pastels and screams GET DELICIOUS FISH TACOS HERE! But Jimmy cooks up so much more than succulent and perfectly season Mahi on the griddle inside. There’s a mission. A ministry. A message. […]

Designs by Shayna

Every since I was little I always have loved to make crafts. Throughout the years I have created one of a kind pieces for family members and friends. I decided that I would start selling my pieces and see what Etsy shoppers think of them. Blush fake flowers, Shadowbox, Floral paper, Sparkly paper, Paris lettering, […]


Thank you Tienko for connecting the past to the Present and Future. It has been a real honor to have you in our lives…..I look forward to continued common work together for the benefit of all. Source reference for biography below: Bodhidharma is revered as the father of Ch’an and Zen Buddhism. Most of […]

Meet Gabriel McNeal

  Meet Gabriel McNeal… a pleasant, seemingly “happy go lucky” fellow, with a nice smile and out going personality. A young man who could have taken the “easy way” in life, and cashed in on his basketball talents overseas, in a few different countries, among them Germany. He could have been just another professional athlete, […]


OPENING MINDS ONE SHOW AT A TIME BY Attila Domos   I remember the first time I listened to Coast to Cost AM, a 4 four hour late-night syndicated radio show. It blew my mind! I “never thought talk radio could be this exciting”! At the time the show’s host was still the original Art […]

Bruce Lee

Mention the name BRUCE LEE, and images of Kung-Fu on the silver screen come to mind. However, Bruce was much more than an action film star ahead of his time. He was a husband, father, philosopher, actor, film maker, excellent dancer, teacher, marshal arts innovator aka founder of Jeet Kune Do, a fitness freak, a […]

The Labors of Attila

The Labors of Attila By Rege Behe Attila Domos is no stranger to adversity. Nor is he afraid of setting lofty goals. But a quest Domos plans to undertake is comparable to the mythical Labors of Hercules. Domos hopes to swim the Atlantic Ocean, pedal across Europe and Asia, kayak across the Pacific Ocean, then […]


HUMAN TRAFFICKING OF THE DISABLED By: Attila Domos   Sounds like the plot to a movie about World War 2 Nazis. I can’t believe that I have to write about this in the year 2015. As beautiful as our planet Earth is, she hides many dark and disturbing secrets, and unfortunately most of them have […]

Absolute Scientific

ABOUT US We source our products directly from farms in Southeast Asia and United States. The end result is fresher, more potent products at the most competitive price anywhere – shipped from our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. TEXT SUPPORT 636.364.8041 NATURALLY A BETTER LIFE Fresh tea from the farms of Southeast Asia – Shipped […]

Fortune 500 Organic Green Blend Formula

Ira’s signature Fortune 500 Organic Green Blend Formula Enhance your psycho-physiological, financial health and self-care through one streamlined, fun, powerful regimen…   We’re fortunate to live in times of widely available healthy produce and superfoods through reliable organic suppliers, unlike for most people throughout history. And yet, the abundance of choices and info. can have  […]

MEET PITTSBURGH MAYORAL CANDIDATE, TONY MORENO In case you don’t know, there is a Republican mayoral option, and his name is Tony Moreno, a retired Pittsburgh police detective. He’s not the big budget candidate, and doesn’t come from a long line of blue blood money, but his message is strong and his ideas to fix the many problems facing today’s […]

Financier of Change

For the one who requested this Spotlight… Thank you for helping the world move to the next level….   Following retrieved from: 4/26/2016 Haym Solomon is a man of legend according to both meanings of the word. On the one hand, he wrought legendary benefits for the United States; on the other hand, his […]

One World Blue Media Talent Management and Productions

One World Blue Media, Film and Entertainment Bringing Healing to the Planet Thru Music and Film One World Blue Media is a full promotion and production Media Company of Music, Film and Entertainment for Enlightenment and Healing of our Nation and World. We Specialize in: Promotion and Management of Musicians, Entertainment Persona, Sports Athletes and […]

Vocal Renditions by Iris Ziff Pirchesky

Iris Pirchesky, mother and respected counsel of the founder of One World Blue, Joel Pirchesky, has been an advocate and teacher of the special needs for over 25 years working with art therapy and counseling. Iris has a degree in psychology and art therapy and completed an internship at the Western Pennsylvania school for the […]

Reb Shlomo Carlebach

Reb Shlomo Source Wikipedia Shlomo Carlebach (Hebrew: שלמה קרליבך‎), known as Reb Shlomo to his followers (14 January 1925 – 20 October 1994), was a Jewish rabbi, religious teacher, composer, and singer who was known as “The Singing Rabbi” during his lifetime. Although his roots lay in traditional Orthodox yeshivot, he branched out to create […]

Material World Charitble Foundation

The Material World Charitable Foundation (MWF) is a charitable organisation founded by English musician George Harrison in April 1973. Its launch coincided with the release of Harrison’s album Living in the Material World and came about in reaction to the taxation issues that had hindered his 1971–72 aid project for refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation […]

Ofra Haza

Source: Ofra Haza (Hebrew: עפרה חזה‎, Arabic: عوفرة حازة‎; November 19, 1957 – February 23, 2000) was an Israeli singer, actress and international recording artist. Her voice has been described as a “tender” mezzo-soprano. Inspired by a love of her Yemenite and Hebrew culture, her music quickly spread to a wider Middle Eastern audience, […]

Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole

I am spotlighting Israel Izzy because his soft sweet voice is so peaceful and comforting and creates a very serene meditation place for me. I have taught my Autistic students to sing these beautiful words while listening to his music. The words are so meaningful and are also very synonymous with the deeper meaning of […]

A Tribute to Sholom Epstein

Sholom Epstein is trying to hasten the Ultimate Redemption, in an attempt to make this World a better place to live in – Now… Praise G-d; Amen. SEE THE NEW LIGHT By Reb Sholom Stan Epstein A little light eliminates a great deal of darkness. The new light that will be prevalent in the world […]

Isaiah Bird

Two seconds. That’s all it took for Miguel Rodriguez, Long Beach Gladiators wrestling coach and a teaching assistant in the Long Beach Schools to know he had to work with Isaiah Bird. “My boss asked me to meet with a new kid to the school, a child without legs,” Rodriguez said. “As soon as I […]

Hanifa Nakiryowa

Facing Forward By Rege Behe Hanifa Nakiryowa does not want pity. She will not plead for help, and will not lament her fate.   Even though no one would think less of her if she faltered just a little, the weight of the unthinkable violence she suffered, so unforgiveable, so horrific, causing her to collapse. […]

The Tao of Pooh

The Tao of Pooh Pooh bear holding onto a Tao kite Winnie the Pooh has a certain way about him, a way of doing things which has made him the world’s most beloved bear. And Pooh’s Way, as Benjamin Hoff brilliantly demonstrates, seems strangely close to the ancient Chinese principles of Taoism. The ‘Tao of […]

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

One doesn’t need to become a peaceful warrior. By virtue of living here, on planet Earth, each and every one of us is a peaceful warrior in training — to the degree that we strive to live with a more peaceful heart… but also recognize that there are times we need to live with a […]

Kretchnif Rebbe

Thank you HaRav Rosenbaum for your Blessing years ago and the Chizuk you have given me and our family and our business. We are honored for your tefillos over so many years and your guidance and support. You are truly a very compassionate person who I have always been very uplifted to speak with and […]

Dan Wilcox

Essay below is Authored By Jonathan Aryeh Wayne To see more of Jonathan’s work visit his site at: Dan Wilcox is a simple, well-intentioned farmer and musician who has helped facilitate Native American healing ceremonies and other spiritual gatherings on his wildlife refuge for over 30 years. Dan is an ex-hippie who grew up […]

Native Hawaii – A Dream Excursion

Baila and I have a dream to travel to Hawaii and enjoy the beauty of the land and people. We keep it in our spirits and it motivates us. I thought doing a spotlight on Native Hawaii would be fitting. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. May it be for many more. Enjoy this […]

Japan: Tradition And Modernity

Japan: A Journey Between Tradition And Modernity How do you handle your life between your traditions and Modernity? What do you hold fast to, what do you keep, what do you preserve? How do you live the balance of Life and stay true to who you are? We all must come to our own understanding […]

Baka, The People of the Forest

Source: The Baka people, known in the Congo as Bayaka (Bebayaka, Bebayaga, Bibaya), are an ethnic group inhabiting the southeastern rain forests of Cameroon, northern Republic of Congo, northern Gabon, and southwestern Central African Republic. They are sometimes called a subgroup of the Twa, but the two peoples are not closely related. Likewise, the […]

Bedouin Life

From: Origins of nomadic peoples are difficult to trace as they leave little evidence behind for archaeologists… The term ‘Bedu’in the Arabic language refers to one who lives out in the open, in the desert. The Arabic word ‘Badawiyin’is a generic name for a desert-dweller and the English word ‘Bedouin’ is the derived from […]

To Serve – The True Joy In Life

“Peace in the World” Music and Vocals by Michelle Kaye with surround vocals by Divincemoore – lyrics by Joel Pirchesky, founder of One World Blue Media This is the True joy in Life. The Being used for a Purpose Recognized by yourself as a mighty one. The being a force of nature instead of a […]

The Forest Man

Jadav “Molai” Payeng (Assamese: যাদৱ পায়েং) (born 1963) is a Mishing tribe[1] environmental activist[2] and forestry worker from Jorhat, India.[3][4] Over the course of several decades, he planted and tended trees on a sandbar of the river Brahmaputra turning it into a forest reserve. The forest, called Molai forest after him,[5] is located near Kokilamukh […]

Dr. Maya Angelou

Dear Dr. Maya Angelou, I am so very very honored to create this spotlight for you on our Blupela Social Good Network. Your life and legacy Dr. Angelou lives on through your teachings and works you have left us. As I look back on my life and see how fortunate I am to have known […]

Tom Clay -What the World Needs Now

Disc Jockey Tom Clay 1971 Remix Version of What the World Needs Now We invite you to REGISTER, join the network, and use Blupela today. Stand and Unite with those you want to Show Support. Lift their Spotlight. It is easy to make a difference. Together we can make positive changes in the world. Nuftali […]

The Overview Effect

Posted originally by Gedaliah Aronson I had seen this video many months ago, this post is a follow up on Gary’s post “Earth from Space”. This video is about what astronauts experience when they look back at Earth from space. This experience was dubbed “The Overview Effect” by author Frank White who is featured in […]

The Sufi Way

What is Sufism? Sufism is a way of life in which a deeper identity is discovered and lived. This deeper identity, beyond the already known personality, is in harmony with all that exists. This deeper identity, or essential self, has abilities of awareness, action, creativity and love that are far beyond the abilities of the […]

Synagogue of Djerba

According to a local tradition, the Jewish settlement in Djerba also spelled Jerba dates from the reign of King Solomon and so was founded the present al-Ḥāra al-Kabīra (the “Big Quarter”). A family of Kohanim, priests fleeing Jerusalem in the year 70 C.E. is said to have transported one of the Temple gates from Jerusalem […]

Purchase The Peace Blessing by Founder of One World Blue – Free Shipping

“Peace in the World” Music and Vocals by Michelle Kaye with surround vocals by Divincemoore – lyrics by Joel Pirchesky, founder of One World Blue Media I have a dream that the world would be better and a safe place to live. Children should not be afraid to be without their parents. They should not […]

Ask Noah provides all information on the Noahide Code

The 7 Noahide Commandments teach goodness and kindness for all mankind. Dr. Michael Schulman Executive Director The Noahide (or Noachide) moral code of 7 Universal Commandments was given to Noah and his children after the Flood. These commandments would assure Noah and his children, the pioneers of the new human race, that humanity would never […]