A Tribute to Sholom Epstein

Sholom Epstein is trying to hasten the Ultimate Redemption,

in an attempt to make this World a better place to live in –


Praise G-d; Amen.




By Reb Sholom Stan Epstein

New Light.jpg

A little light eliminates a great deal of darkness. The new light that will be prevalent in the world when the MOSHIACH (Messiah) comes, will elevate the physical to the mystical.

Light is the symbol of the divine. The change in the nature of light will increase the level of G-dliness in a profound way.

The darkness of war, injustice, and ignorance will become obsolete with the new holy illumination.


Let the new light prevail and usher in peace, integrity and growth

The New World

We have the here & now, which is the essence;

the past & the future too.

Until now, we have been in exile – gulus, after

the redemption, or the judgement, we will have

– gaula, or the new world.

A world of peace, where the righteous will prosper

& the wicked will glare for all to see, in their iniquity.


Miracles, the third temple & the resurrection of the

dead, are all elements of this glorious change.

More G-dliness, can be seen now as we approach

this metamorphosis; albeit it’s tumultuous, so as it

is with all great change.

Now is the time for tomorrow, the new reality –

” For we will have been as dreamers “…



G-d works in mysterious ways-


Not to the Tzadik…

Truth is stranger than fiction-


Fiction is stranger than truth-



By Reb Sholom Epstein

Aqui y ahora, here & now.

Where corruption and evil,shall give way to purity and goodness and superstition will no longer enslave the mind.

Peace on Earth!

Time to learn & grow…

The dream is coming into fruition;

finally- thank G-d.

Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with thy G-d.

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