Bobby Mcferrin has been a musical hero of mine ever since I watched a recording of a concert he gave in 1986 called Spontaneous Inventions. I had heard of him of course because of his 1988 hit “Don’t Worry Be Happy” , but at the time I found this video I had most likely only heard that one tune. I fell in love with this artist through that concert and further more through the help of a close friend who introduced me to much more of his music. I am choosing Bobby Mcferrin for a spotlight because he stands out out to me as a musician, artist, and performer who seeks to use his craft to bring goodness, kindness, and positivity into the world. Thank G-d, I’ve been blessed to see Bobby Mcferrin live and it certainly was a beautiful and uplifting experience. Music has the ability to tap into our underlying unity and I feel that Bobby brings people together through his music and his music and performances give us an opportunity to delve into our simplicity, innocence, and joy!

Here is a link to his wiki Bio and a link to a great interview with Bobby Mcferrin

“Music is so powerful it needs to be used for some type of redeeming work”

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