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Dan Wilcox is a simple, well-intentioned farmer and musician who has helped facilitate Native American healing ceremonies and other spiritual gatherings on his wildlife refuge for over 30 years. Dan is an ex-hippie who grew up in the heyday of the counter culture movement back in the 1960s and now lives on 70 acres of land he inherited from his family when he was much younger. His wildlife refuge is a thing of beauty. He built a “sunken home” on the side of a mountain in the early 1980s, complete with renewable materials, green technology (before anyone knew about it) and a self-sustainable ecosystem via a natural mineral spring he has connected to his home. He is a shiitake mushroom nursery grower and sells his high quality mushrooms to fine dining restaurants in Pittsburgh. Dan is a musician and plays the harp and piano and writes his own songs and music.

What makes Dan so special is his extraordinary connection to the land and nature he lives on. With his outstanding spirituality and big heart, he has extended his land to those young and old that who search for meaning in their lives. His land is for healing, and the Lakota Native Americans blessed his land and helped teach him to construct sweat lodges and medicine lodges when he was much younger. Every year, Dan holds sweat lodge ceremonies and has changed people’s lives with Shamans who come in to hold ceremonies on his land.

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