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Delta 8 vs Delta 9: What’s the difference?

You’ve certainly heard of THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid within the cannabis plant, but did you know there are different kinds of THC? Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has classically almost always referred to (−)-trans-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-9-THC, Delta 9, or simply D9. Today, there’s a new THC on the block – Delta-8.

What is Delta 8?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, also called Delta 8, D8, delta-8, delta-8-THC, or Δ8 THC, is so new to the cannabis market that hardly anyone has even heard of it. While relatively unknown by the masses, it has been on the books since 1975 when researchers discovered it could shrink cancer cells in rats. In fact, delta-8 is the fourth most researched cannabinoid to date. One of the most notable studies was conducted in 1995 by Israeli scientists on pediatric cancer patients suffering nausea from chemotherapy treatments. Over 480 cases, there was a 100% success rate in eliminating vomiting with negligible side effects. Today, delta 8 is beginning to tread water in the cannabis industry as a select few facilities have begun synthesizing delta-8 from CBD.

The difference between delta 8 and delta 9 THC

While delta 8 and delta 9 are both tetrahydrocannabinol and are almost identical chemically (the only difference is a few atomic bonds), they present some considerable differences. First off, while both are psychoactive, delta-8 has a lower psychotropic potency than delta-9. Simply put, it will produce a ‘high,’ but not quite as intense as what one would experience from a comparable amount of delta-9. Many people seeking medical benefits from cannabis will be happy to hear this as they very well may be able to reap much of the potential medical benefits from delta 8 as they would delta 9 without the debilitating high.

Secondly, delta-9 only acts on the CB1 receptors; whereas, delta-8 acts on both the CB1 and CB2 receptors.  CB1 receptors are located primarily in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs, while CB2 receptors reside primarily in the immune system and its associated structures. Many tissues contain both receptors and there are likely more waiting to be discovered. In short, the effects of delta-8 have more potential to affect more systems than delta-9. To learn more about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids interact with the body, check out this article here.

Legal THC

Perhaps the most important difference between delta 8 and delta 9 that we’ll list here is the legality. Due to the passing of the 2018 farm bill, products derived from industrial hemp with a cannabinoid content of under 0.3% THC are federally legal – including Delta-8-THC, effectively making it the first commercially available federally legal THC product. While delta-8-THC is specifically listed as a schedule 1 substance, it is legal under the farm bill, so long as it is produced from industrial hemp. This is done typically through a conversion process, converting CBD into delta 8.


Delta 8 is just treading water currently, as more facilities refine their processes to produce delta 8 and more distributors find out about it. It’s likely to make waves as the world gets wind of what it is and all it can potentially do. It has the potential to really shift the cannabis market, perhaps even over take CBD and delta-9-thc in popularity.


Our Delta 8 Disposables utilize the best technology we have found for thick concentrates like Delta-8. With a 1ml Black-Ceramic Bucket Atomizer, soft-touch finish, you wont find a better Delta 8 Disposable on the market.

Minimum order: 50 units.

We offer 1ml and 0.5ml Delta 8 vape cartridges, made with out Delta 8 distillate that is guaranteed to be at least 90% in purity or greater, and infused with the hemp derived terpene profile of your choice.

Minimum order: 50 units.

Our Delta 8 Flower contains our federally compliant hemp-derived 90% Delta 8 THC, infused on  premium CBD and CBG hemp.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

The Above Products Are:

The best tasting way to enjoy our Delta 8 THC is with our gummies!  Private Label and White Label options come in heat sealed Vista Bags, and bulk gummies are also available. The gelatin gummy flavors come in black cherry, lemon lime, or mango.  For our Vegan options (pectin), we have Vegan Red Apple and Vegan Citrus.

Minimum order: 50 units.

Our Delta 8 Pre Roll contains premium fortified hemp-flower infused with federally compliant hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.

Minimum order: 100 units.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, but only in very small quantities. Delta 8 can be extracted in its natural form, but it would take a lot of plant material to generate a small amount of delta 8 concentrate. Most delta 8 THC products available for purchase are created from other hemp-derived cannabinoids, mostly CBD.

Our tinctures include more than just Delta 8 THC; our products contain amino acids, flavonoids, and natural flavoring.  This is one of the most discrete and effective methods to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC.   Flavors come in natural, mint, citrus, blueberry or pina colada,

Minimum order: 50 units



Our Delta 8 Asteroids contain premium hemp-flower infused with our federally compliant hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and rolled in 99% CBD isolate.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

Delta 8 THC Crumble Dab Wax is a highly coveted concentrate that is extremely popular for its preservation of terpenes.  The process of making crumble is very similar to shatter, but the lower temperature used during the manufacturing allows for extra terpenes (flavor) to be present.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

Diamonds are the Holy Grail of concentrates, and by far the most sophisticated.  Our Diamonds are made from Delta 8 THC, and expertly blended with CBD, CBG, and CBDV, giving you an elegantly balanced blend of cannabinoids.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

Our Water Soluble Delta 8 contains federally compliant hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

Our Delta 8 Moon Rocks contains premium CBG hemp-flower infused with federally compliant hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and rolled in cannabinoid rich kief.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

Our Delta 8 Syringe contains federally compliant hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.

Minimum order: 100 units.

Our Delta 8 Shatter is the perfect combination of a pure clear oil with natural cannabinoids that give it a natural rose-gold look.  This is one of the most popular dab related products on the market.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

The easiest way to enjoy Delta 8 THC is with our gel caps!  The gel caps are discreet, convenient, and expertly manufactured, and we are confident you will find them to be very impressive.


Delta 8 THC distillate is a thick, syrupy liquid with high concentrations of delta 8 and trace amounts of other cannabinoids.  Distillates are the most potent form of Delta 8 THC available.

Minimum order: 4 ounces.

All Products Are:


Delta 8 Product Precautions


  • Consult a physician before using this product.

  • Do not use it if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions.

  • Must be 21 years or older to purchase or use.

  • The Delta 8 THC vape cartridge may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people. If you have any known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye, eye pressure, or similar/related issues, do not use this product unless recommended by a doctor.

The information on this page is for educational purposes only and is not to be taken as legal or medical advice.

Delta 8 THC Shipping Exclusions

Due to Delta 8 THC either being illegal or not explicitly legal according to state laws, this product does not ship to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming, California, and New York.

The minimum order for any product is:
50 units if sold by the unit.
4 ounces which is a quarter pound if sold by grams.

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