Fortune 500 Organic Green Blend Formula

Ira’s signature Fortune 500

Organic Green Blend


Enhance your psycho-physiological, financial health and self-care through one streamlined, fun, powerful regimen…


We’re fortunate to live in times of widely available healthy produce and superfoods through reliable organic suppliers, unlike for most people throughout history.
And yet, the abundance of choices and info. can have  reverse effects of leaving us overwhelmed and inert!
 Good sleep, higher energy, confidence with time, money and people became crucial for Ira during a high stress year when his father, family and girlfriend at the time were all amidst medical and life conflicts, with Ira in the middle.
He needed answers fast…and found them with a coaching regimen that continued to prove successful for him & his loved ones – all body types, personalities, schedules & temperaments.

A One-time, life changing package, $39.95, including 15 min. of personalized coaching




Testimonials for Ira’s signature Fortune 500 Organic Green Blend!:


“Ira Caplan’s Fortune 500 Organic Green Blend has positively changed the landscape of my daily routine in taking care of my physical health….A blessing and Heaven sent to help me move further in the right path of optimal balance of the body, impact on my mind and spirit in the utmost of healthy ways. I’ve enjoyed greater energy, weight loss and the fulfillment of serving my body with wholesome nutrition and support.”

Joel Pirchesky
CEO & Founder of One World Blue, LLC – Blupela Media


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