Jonathan’s Tea Moments: IV

By Jonathan Aryeh Wayne



IV – Xiang Wei Tuo Cha, “Blood of the Ancients”, Shou Nest, Chinese Pu-er.

Description:┬áThis large nest variety shares the shape of pu-erla, but it is much larger. It is one of our darker, ruddier pu-ers. The strong, earthy, slightly astringent flavor is reminiscent of underground caverns where treasures are kept secret. – Taken from the menu at Dobra tea house (

Original Thoughts:┬áChris over at Dobra told me this is his favorite tea. He said it goes on and on and on and on and on. Sounds like heaven to me. On this second occasion of drinking “Blood of the Ancients”, I only had time for a few infusions, because I had to meet a friend for dinner, but I recall the first time I experienced this, I got a ton of infusions out of this. Fast forward into the future to February 25, 2016, I ended up having about 35 infusions of this stuff! I had about 96 ounces of tea on this evening and even around the 28th or 29th infusion, it was still going strong. This Pu-erh tea is no joke, its got the stamina of a 16 year old. There is also a very cerebral, logical process of pouring this tea, as its served on a bamboo tea tray reservoir box. First you take pitcher of hot water and pour it into the gaiwan of loose tea. Then you take the filter off the spring and place it over the small tea pot and carefully pour into that vessel. Finally, you take the filter off, place it back on the spring and pour the tea into the cup. If you are looking to impress a friend or show off your tea skills, this is the tea to get!

Original Poetry: Everlasting, you come to me from the cosmos, never-ending, never bending. Elderly and wise, you teach me from the depths of your nebulous book. I am eternal in your vortex of darkness.

By Jonathan Aryeh Wayne


Sipped by Jonathan Wayne on January 8, 2016.

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