Thank you HaRav Rosenbaum for your Blessing years ago and the Chizuk you have given me and our family and our business. We are honored for your tefillos over so many years and your guidance and support. You are truly a very compassionate person who I have always been very uplifted to speak with and meet at the times we have. May you and your family and Kehilla continue to be blessed. I am most thankful that you are a member of One World Blue, LLC.

Kol HaKovod

Naphtali Chaim ben Alta Chaya Mulka



About the Kretchnif Dynasty


From Wikipedia:

Kretshnif (also written as Kretchinev, Kretchniv, Kretshniff) is a Hasidic Jewish dynasty that comes from the Nadvorna dynasty.

The first rebbe of Kretshnif was Grand Rabbi Meir Rosenbaum, a son of Grand Rabbi Mordechai of Nadvorna. His sons and successors included Rabbi Eliezer Zev in Kretshnif, Romania and Sighit, and Rebbe Issamar of Nadvorna (d. 1973) in Chernowitz. The descendant rabbis of this dynasty span the globe, mainly in Israel, New York City, England, and Canada.

Grand Rabbi Meir Rosenbaum of Nadvorna-Kretshniff (d. 1908), son of Rabbi Mordechai Leifer (changed last name to Rosenbaum), son-in-law of Rabbi Yechiel Michel Tirer of Dorohoi Grand Rabbi Eliezer Zev Rosenbaum of Kretshniff (d. 1944) author of Raza d’Shabbos, son of Rabbi Meir of Kretshniff Grand Rabbi Nissan Chaim Rosenbaum, of Bradshin, son of Rabbi Eliezer Zev of Kretshniff Grand Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rosenbaum of Kretshniff-Sighet (1920-2006) in Jerusalem, son of Rabbi Nissan Chaim of Bradshin, son in law of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Rosenbaum of Nadvorna Grand Rabbi Nissan Chaim Rosenbaum of Kretshniff-Jerusalem, son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rosenbaum of Kretchnif-Sighit in Jerusalem,
Grand Rabbi Zeidel Rosenbaum of Kretshniff-New York, son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rosenbaum of Kretchnif-Sighit

Grand Rabbi David Moshe Rosenbaum of Kretshniff (d. 1969), son of Rabbi Eliezer Zev, son-in-law of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai of Nadvorna Grand Rabbi Menachem Eliezer Zev Rosenbaum of Kretshnif-Rechovos, present Rebbe of Kretshnif-Rechovos, son of Rabbi David Moshe
Grand Rabbi Yisroel Nisan Rosenbaum of Kretshniff, present Rebbe of Kretshnif-Kiryath Gath, son of Rabbi David Moshe
Grand Rabbi Meir Rosenbaum of Premishlan, present Premishlaner Rebbe, son of Rabbi David Moshe
Grand Rabbi Zeyda Shmuel Shmelke Rosenbaum of Bitschkov in Yaffo, son of Rabbi David Moshe
Grand Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Rosenbaum of Kretshnif-Monsey, son of Rabbi David Moshe of Kretshnif and son-in-law of Rabbi Israel Rosenbaum of Stanislov[1]


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