Malawi is a small country found in the southern part of Africa. The country has  a total population of 20 million people and known as the warm heart of Africa due to peace and tranquillity that exits among its citizen. This is also the country that has never been at war with any country in the world. Its citizen treat visitors with  love and respect they deserve.

On the other hand, the country is popularly known with its beautiful tourist areas like the beautiful lake, national parks and game reserves with animals and different species of plants. Such tourist sites are found in the Northern part of Malawi where the 3rd biggest National park in Africa Nyika is found. Nyika is also the most beautiful National park in the word.

Rumphi district  is one of the very marginalised districts, surrounded by mountains and situated 500 kilometres from Lilongwe the capital city, the district has indigiounos people who are populary known as the Tumbukas who speaks Tumbuka language and headed by their paramount chief Chikulamayembe.  The  tumbukas are lovely people and practice  communal ditch as away of reducing discrimination to the under privileged, enjoy vimbuza dance as a curing cultural ceremony to the sick. They love modern education since they were the first people to welcome western missionaries in the 1800s.

It is with this background that Rumphi Residents Association(RRA) initiated establishment of the first ever community radio in order to promote access to information to the indigenous Tumbukas and other surrounding communities. The equipment was provided by a US based radio station Austin Air waves in 2019.



The radio educate and entertain its listeners who are 230,000 people now.

The radio promotes Tumbuka language and positive cultural practices for the young generation to learn and sustain the same.

The radio promotes tourism since Rumphi has 3 main tourist attraction sites, Nyika National park, Vwaza and lake Malawi to the eastern side.

Radio helps in the promotion of good governance,  sanitation, health , youth development, HIV/Aids, Covid 19 pandemic and gender issues.

All in all the radio promotes access to information to the Rumphi community.


People of the district fail to listen to other radios  from other districts because of its  geographical location.

The radio is off air for one month now after its transmitter and antenna have developed electrical fault.

The radio has no backup system to prevent scenarios of electrical faults or damage to the system.

The community of Rumphi are cut off on access to information and they rely on hearsays  since the district does not even receive news print as another source of information.



The Radio is in need of:

200 watts transmitter which cost $3000

Antenna which cost $800

A power backup cost $1200

This totals to $5000

The communities will contribute payment to the installation fees of these equipments.




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