Naftali Ziff Pirchesky was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His strive for achievement was seen throughout his early education in his continual academic performance and with his leadership in Scouting he earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

After graduating Taylor Allderdice High School with honors in 1990, he went on to the University of Pittsburgh and completed his studies with a Bachelors of Art in Anthropology and minor in Psychology and graduated Summa Cum Laude. While at the University, he became a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society. He also had his first major international experience by participating in the Semester at Sea Program which travelled to ten countries around the world.

After graduation, he was employed as a tariff publisher in the shipping industry working for DXI, Inc. Then exploring his love and compassion for people, Mr. Pirchesky worked for several years with children with Autism and adults with mental health disabilities, both in Greensboro, North Carolina and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1997, Mr. Pirchesky chose to pursue his interest in his Judaic roots and went to Yeshiva, a school for Judaic Torah Study, first for a year in Monsey, New York and then a year in Israel, learning on Mount Zion, Jerusalem and in the holy city of Sefad, in the northern region of the Holy Land. After Judaical studies, Mr. Pirchesky furthered his education and became a Certified Respiratory Therapist. He has worked in major institutions as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and in The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Pirchesky expanded his medical background in 2009, becoming first an Optometrist Technician and then trained as an Ophthalmic Photographer and Angiographer. He worked for both Visionworks, Inc., and Retinal Vitreous Consultants. As Mr. Pirchesky pursued his medical career, he also worked for three years in real estate as a sales consultant for Summerset at Frick Park. At the same time, Mr. Pirchesky was President of his congregation, Bnai Emunoh, for four years, and was the leader in the movement to save and revitalize the synagogue.
His passion for business led him in 2012 to work for Sine Software, where he assisted the owner in designing the Judaic version of Sine Designer, software for churches and synagogues, and also to Davison Design and Development, in the position of Director of New Products.

Mr. Pirchesky’s spirit has also been an entrepreneurial one, and in 2006, he founded the internet business, One World Blue, LLC, with the establishment of the first online site. The long term and overall goal for One World Blue has been to create a social media platform that will be a place for Social and Planetary Healing.

The One World Blue Network is a platform to spotlight the good individuals have done to transform the world, celebrate and appreciate cultural diversity, showcase the beauty of the Earth in Planet Sanctuary, and to act as a catalyst for conflict resolution thru the Overture to Peace module.

In 2010, the plan was begun to build the social media platform which was given the name, The One World Blue Network. After over two years of research, development and investment into this transformative network, now offers this unique social networking experience as it provides a dynamic and comprehensive service by utilizing innovative tools to connect people and ideas with the goal of improving the world one good deed at a time.

As the progression of The One World Blue Network has evolved, in December 2014 Mr. Pirchesky completed his Master’s program at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. He earned his Master’s in Public Policy and Management, with a focus in International Development, and graduated Summa Cum Laude.


Mr. Pirchesky’s commitment to establishing a worldwide platform of improving the world one good deed at a time is complementary with the goals of International Development. He will also work in the area of Global conservation, cultural diversity awareness and training, and conflict resolution with the tools he and his team are designing for The One World Blue Network.

For further inquiries into One World Blue, please email the office at

[email protected].

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“Calling to You”

Music and Vocals by Michelle Kaye with surround vocals by Divincemoore – lyrics by Joel Pirchesky, founder of One World Blue Media



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