The Holy Tomb of King David

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PSALMS OF DAVID ARE RECITED 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

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Mosdos Kever Dovid HaMelech (The King David’s Tomb Institutions) is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about this holy site and to following in the footsteps of Dovid HaMelech by engaging in prayer and Torah learning to help the Jewish people and bring the final Geula closer.

Where is King David’s Tomb?

King David’s Tomb is a site on Mount Zion, by the Old City of Jerusalem, considered to be the burial place of the biblical king. It is a symbol of prayer and yearning that has become somewhat neglected by visitors since 1967 when Jews were once again able to pray at the Kotel – the Western Wall. Also buried there are King Shlomo, King Chizkiyahu and other biblical kings, as recorded in the Navi (Books of Prophets).


Who was King David?

King David is a central figure of the biblical narrative, a former shepherd who became not only a king and great army general, but also wrote the book of Tehillim (Psalms), established Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, and purchased the land on which his son built the first Beis HaMikdash (Temple). His name is synonymous with leadership and prayer, courage and conviction, piety and song.

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The Importance of this Holy Site

The site of King David’s Tomb, also known as Zion, is the source of blessings and salvation for the Jewish people. “R’Levy says, “All the blessings and the comforts and the favors that Hashem gives to Yisroel, they all come from Zion.” Children – as it says, “May Hashem bless you from Zion…and live to see your children’s children.” (Tehillim 128:5-6). Life – as it says, “Like the dew … that falls upon the mountains of Zion. There the LORD ordained blessing, everlasting life.” (Tehillim 133:3). Livelihood – as it says, “For Hashem has chosen Zion … I will amply bless its store of food, give its needy their fill of bread.” (Tehillim 132:13-15). Blessing – as it says, “May Hashem bless you from Zion.” (Tehillim 128:5). Salvation – as it says, “O that the deliverance of Israel might come from Zion!” (Tehillim 14:7). Torah – as it says, “For the Torah shall come forth from Zion.” (Isaiah 2:3). – Vayikrah Rabbah


שהיה בעת מלוך מלך בישראל שהיו נותנים מס למלך, והיו המלכים מגנים עליהם מכל צר ומשפיעים עליהם כל ההשפעות הטובות,

גם עתה שיתנו מס למלכים, שהם דוד המלך ושלמה המלך ע”ה שהם בבחינת “דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים”, מלכים חיים וקיימים,

ואמר שאת המס יתנו לציון דוד המלך ושלמה המלך ע”ה כל אחד אלפיים דאלער [2000 $], כדי לקיים “האלף לך שלמה” ועוד אלף לדוד המלך [בבחינת “אאלפך חכמה ואאלפך בינה”]

שזהו המס שנקצב לישועות למעלה מדרך הטבע. ומי שאין ביכולתו ליתן סכום זה בבת אחת יתנו בתשלומים [לשון קדשו מצורף למטה]

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the Jewish presence at the historic site of King David’s Tomb while using the Psalms and teachings of Dovid HaMelech to strengthen Jewish identity. We aim to inspire others and through the merits of King David and King Solomon, his son, we should witness the redemption and the building of the third Beis HaMikdash (Temple).


Our Guiding Principle

Mosdos Dovid HaMelech was established in order to raise awareness to wake up Am Yisrael and connect them to the yearning for the Beis HaMikdash. “Rabbi Shimon ben Menasiyah said, “Yisroel will not see the signs of eternal redemption until they return and ask for three things: the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of the House of Dovid, the Beis Hamikdash.”” – Yalkut Shimoni

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Our Activities

Mosdos Kever Dovid HaMelech has taken it upon ourselves that the site of King David’s Tomb should always be filled with prayer and Torah learning, a place where Jews can flock to connect to Hashem through prayer, Tehillim, introspection and inspiration, following in the footsteps if Dovid HaMelech. “King David would pray for all matters that the Jewish people need until the coming of the Messiah – for the sick to heal, for the healthy to not become ill, for their livelihood to be blessed and for all harsh decrees to be canceled. ” – Rabbi Klonymous Kalman Epstein (Meor VaShemesh)


• Regular Prayers – At this holy site, we ensure that there are prayers three times a day, including Shabbos and yom tov.

• Refreshments and Meals – Mosdos Dovid HaMelech hosts a shalosh-seudas meal every Shabbos afternoon that is open to everyone. We have a Kiddush after davening on Shabbos and yom tov mornings with cakes, herring and drinks. Three times a year, on Shavuos, Purim and Hoshana Rabba, Mosdos Dovid HaMelech hosts a festive meal at Kever David HaMelech. We also offer refreshments for people who visit the site on Rosh Chodesh, late at night and after fast days.

• Prayer and Psalms – Tehillim (Psalms), daily prayers and Torah study take place at King David’s Tomb every day. Often, people approach us to pray on their behalf. To strengthen their prayers, they give tzedakah (charity) which we distribute to the poor and needy.

• Kollel Chatzot (The Midnight Gathering) – There is great spiritual power in the middle of the night. Scholars and rabbis meet at Kever Dovid HaMelech each night around midnight to study Torah and pray, thus bringing light into the world at the time of the greatest darkness.

• Torah Learning – Groups of people meet daily at Kever Dovid HaMelech to learn Torah. This strengthens the place because it is always filled with words of Torah, Tehillim and tefillos for Am Yisrael.

• Mishmeres Tehillim and the Holy Zohar – There are eight groups of people who recite Tehillim (Psalms) in rotation at Kever Dovid HaMelech every day, thus ensuring that there is never a moment where these holy prayers, written by King David himself, are silent at this site. Every three hours the groups rotate. At present, due to inadequate funding, the groups number just three people each. With your help we can appoint more people to each group and ensure that there is never a pause in the prayers.

• Future Plans – These include regular transportation to the site of King David’s Tomb and increasing the accessibility to the Tomb itself to enable more people to visit this holy site.

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Proposed Annual Budget

Kollel Chatzot $168,000

Mishmeres Tehillim $216,000

Permanent Presence for Regular Prayers and Psalms $84,000

Meals and Refreshments $120,000

Maintenance of the Site and the Scholars $252,000

Total $840,000

בהשתתפותך אתה זוכה ליטול חלק עם השליחים של כלל ישראל,

בכולל חצות ללימוד ואמירת תהילים,

ובמשמרות התהילים והזוהר הקדוש 24 שעות ביממה

ואמירת שיר השירים במנין לעורר זכות שלמה המלך, וכו’

במקום הק’ בציון דוד המלך ושלמה המלך ומלכי בית דוד ע”ה בהר ציון, וזוכה ליטול חלק בקירוב הגאולה בחסד וברחמים

ויזכה הוא וב”ב לשמירה עליונה משמים, מכל פגע רע ומכל נגע ומחלה ויזכה לסייעתא דשמיא מיוחדת. [מדברי מו”ר שליט”א]

אפשר לשלוח שמות לתפילה דרך דוא”ל: E-Mail: [email protected]

טלפון 02-6441818 לתרומה והשארת הודעה

אפשר לתרום דרך עמדות נדרים פלוס /קהילות על שם מוסדות קבר דוד המלך

לינק לתרומה דרך קהילות – נדרים פלוס

העברה בנקאית: בנק פאג”י סניף 177 מס’ חשבון 152854 ע”ש “מוסדות קבר דוד המלך”


מוסדות קבר דוד המלך

טל’ 02-644-18-18


מוסדות קבר דוד המלך

טל’ 02-644-18-18

How can you be a part of bringing the Geula closer?

Firstly, you are invited to join us. To visit Kever Dovid Hamelech to daven, say Tehillim, learn Torah and join our activities. For those who cannot physically come to the site, we offer a service where we will pray for you act as your messenger to beseech Hashem for all your desires, in the merit of Dovid HaMelech. Most importantly, we invite you to join us as a partner. By sponsoring prayer sessions, Torah learning or refreshments at Kever Dovid Hamelech, you ensure that the merit of these activities is counted in your name. All our activities are covered by donations from private individuals who wish to be part of the spiritual power found in this special place. Please join us with a tax deductible donation of $xx,xxx and in your merit we will all be worthy of greeting Moshiach and witnessing the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash speedily and in our days.

Please help us to increase our current activities and strengthen all of our prayers. We are all waiting for the geula. The world needs mercy from shamayim, and yeshuos from Hashem. There is no better way to storm the heavens. This is the place to ask Hashem for salvation, mercy and geula.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to welcoming you to Kever Dovid HaMelech.

Yours gratefully,

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