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Aleph – A Meaning of Oneness


Another name for our Creator is Ein Sof, literally the “Without End”. Ein Sof is related to the word, Ayin, which begins with an Aleph and means “nothing”. Aryeh Kaplan explains that one connotation of the term Ein Sof is “the Ultimate Nothingness”. Whatever creation springs from this Ultimate Nothingness is itself ultimately nothing. The essence of Aleph and our lives is therefore nothingness. We can see this when, for example, we examine the nature of our minds. We can’t hold onto the past mind, we can’t hold onto the future mind, and even the present is fleeting and elusive. Our minds, like the Ein Sof and like Aleph, are impossible to grasp, simultaneously empty and full.


The Paradox of Ultimate Nothingness is that because it is so vast and all-encompassing, with no beginning and no end, it is also Ultimate Oneness.

Ultimate Oneness, Ultimate Nothingness – Aleph embodies it All.

From : Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Letters. Richard Seidman. Thomas Dunne Books. St. Martin’s Press. New York.(2001)

And from:

“To transcend motion and stillness is the highest meditation… People who reach such understanding free themselves from all appearances without effort and cure all illnesses without treatment.”

–Bodhidharma, Grand Patriarch of Zen

Yesh Me Ayin, i.e creating something from nothing as the universe is always being created.

My personal opinion, which is just that, only an opinion from my understanding as I see it:

What is the Yesh? the thought

The Ayin – the emptiness between the thought

Healing happens in that emptiness

To Quiet the mind and reach that place brings One Healing

All my blessings in whatever form brings the greatest Peace, Healing and Measure



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