Wisdom from the Mount


This is the beginning of my book, “Wisdom from the Mount”.

With Inspiration I will continue until it is complete. For those who care to read and take the time. I thank you.

G-d Bless


It has been a long road. Many roads and what I feel has also been many lifetimes. I ask myself, where is the world to come if we keep on being sent back here. To accomplish our tasks and fix others we have messed up along the way, I most always feel myself tired. It seems as though I only want to be in Heaven with G-d, but I find myself here. That is why I cherish my time together with Him, in the quiet times of my day when I lay down and meditate, putting my mind on Heaven and speaking to G-d. Hisbodddut is what it is called in Hebrew, or Talking to G-d, but I am sure it has its name in many cultures and people. You see that is what we have the same, all of us. No matter what culture or what people, everyone has their way of connecting to the Divine. I myself have immersed myself in Judaism for many years, however I also have spent time when I was younger learning about Buddhism and what it means to be awake.

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That is where my concept and birth of One World Blue came from. We all come from One Source and connect with One Source, ultimately, even if one connects thru what we call in Judaism a Shittuf, or Partner with G-d, like Jesus or the first Buddha and those to follow. According to Jewish law, it is permissible for a non-Jew to go to the Divine thru a partner, a Shittuf, and have that partner take their prayers to the Father, the Omnipresent. It is not permissible for someone from the nation of Israel to do so, however. They must go straight to the Divine.


This is where my understanding of Christianity and Judaism comes into play, where I feel even if others from the nation of Israel have realized what I am going to tell you, most will not say it. At least a Rabbi would not say it. Although I have been called Rabbi by some of those great figures I have known in my heritage who can recognize my soul, I by no means ever profess to be one, nor do I have any desire as well. Not that there is anything wrong about the Rabbinical order. To the contrary, I have the greatest respect for my teachers and Rebbes.

But I would like to come to clarify some things that others may have thought of but would not say. As a Jew, we may wonder, why is it that so many gentiles look to a Jew as their spiritual head and leader. How could that be? They have had so much hatred and animosity for Jews I often ask myself and want to point out to them, do you not realize the one you call your savior was a Jew? How could it be that there is so much anti-Semitism?


But I have realized a few things I want to share with you that may bring some clarity between Christianity and Judaism and why I feel Jews and Christians have some things right, whereas they also have some things wrong. Can it be that they are both right and wrong at the same time? That would leave us with a Paradox. But all Paradoxes do have answers do they not? We must however be able to step back, out of our own shells and see the answer.


First and foremost I want to point out to you something that you may not know. That is that 95% of Rabbis from the sages of the past believed in the concept of reincarnation. There is a concept in Judaism called Tikun. That means rectification. Simply speaking it is the idea that when a soul lives a life it may make some mistakes or it may not finish its work. It therefore has to come back into the world again and fix what may have been wrong or finish what it may not have completed. I also want to tell you that the Torah is 100 % true and that the way of the sages from the Talmud I believe for a Jew is the most wholesome way to live, if that person is able to live on that level. I will also tell you however that if a person is not able to live 100 % the way our ancestors did, I personally do not believe when the Temple will return, that that person would be liable to things such as capital punishment like stoning, or other means, for not fulfilling certain mitzvoth, i.e. commandments. So, no I do not believe that Skilla, or stoning, will be carried out in the future for one who does not keep the Sabbath as one should. I will explain….

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In my understanding, some souls are so high and so old that it is not easy or even metaphysically possible for them to carry out the degree of law necessary for fulfilling 100 % of the commandments, and still live a “normal” life or maintain a normal state of consciousness. Hashem, a Jewish word for our Creator, has placed Jews now in this time and place in certain locations and within certain families for a reason. A “high” or old soul may be placed within a Conservative or Reform household or even be born into a gentile family for a reason. Could be to hide them within the world. Could be maybe also because the level of mitzvot they do is just enough that Hashem wants them to perform to bring just the amount of Heavenly Light that comes with doing the mitzvoth to the degree that Hashem wants. A law of Spiritual Metaphysics you may say.


There is a concept in Judaism called tzimtzum, or contraction of the Light and revelation of Hashem in the world. When we rise in spiritual service with performing the commandments, the level of tzimzum within ourself is lessened so to speak and we experience more of the Divine awareness in our Life. Well that is great you would say. Right? We all should experience as much G-dly revelation as we could. Shouldn’t we? No. Sometimes revelation of the G-dly light is so much that it may break the vessel in which it is going into. This is the reason for the tzimzum. To keep the vessel at the most appropriate and healthy state. We are the vessel. Our mind and our bodies.


But the Torah says we must do such and such or else. Right? So how could that be that a very holy and high soul is born into a family that only does a minimum or mediocre amount of performance of the Torah? That soul is so holy. How could it possibly be breaking any of the commandments such as not keeping the Sabbath or not keeping kosher? The answer is this is the level they are at to keep them now at a healthy contraction, tzimzum, of the heavenly light going into their vessel (their body and mind) on a daily level. I have heard and seen too many stories myself of a young man who did not grow up in a “religious” Jewish household, being “mekiroved”, brought into religious Judaism by a religious observant practitioner, and going off to Yeshiva (Torah Rabbinical School), only then to have a mental disturbance and become very ill. Some may also go to Jerusalem and get what some call “Jerusalem syndrome”. We are at the level we are at in any given time of our life because that is where Hashem wants us to be. But what about the commandment not to trespass the negative commandments and to uphold and guard the positive ones? From my perspective as far as Judaism is concerned, we live the most wholesome life we can, keeping the mitzvot we can on our level, and the rest we put in the hands of Hashem. Hashem loves us and watches over us and above all He is graceful to us. When all is said and done it is exactly grace which will see us through in His eyes. That brings us to Amazing Grace…….


Before we get to that let me finish this last point I was making about high souls living on the level they are supposed to. I will tell you a story about my Aunt Molly. My Aunt Molly was a very wholesome soul. She lived a very simple life with her husband Uncle Babe for many many years. They were definitely soul mates. Uncle Babe’s story has it that when he was born he was born circumcised. Yes that’s right. It has happened sometimes in history and as I grew up I always heard the story from my Bobie (my grandmother) how Uncle Babe (her brother) was born circumcised. Also what was interesting was that when he left this world to go onto the next, Hashem took him on Shavuos, the holiday of the day of the giving of the Ten Commandments and the Holy Torah. It is also known that King David was taken on Shavuos and also tradition has it that he was born circumcised. Now if you want to check my spiritual resume so to speak I will give you my qualifications from my lineage. My Zadie, (my Grandfather on my mother’s side), passed on the last day of Pesach (Passover), my Bobie (my Grandmother on my mother’s side was taken on Shemini Azeret (the last holy days of the season of Sukkot), my Uncle Babe (Bobie brother) on Shavuot, and my Grandmotrher on my father’s side was niftir (passed on Yud Shevat) – ask a Lubavitcher the significance of that. I also had an Uncle pass on Tubishvat, my Great Grandmother passed on Rosh Hashanah, my Great Great Grandfather on the first day of Passover. They say when Hashem takes a person on Shabbat or a Holy Day it is a great kindness of Hashem and also a mark of how special the person was. It is said the soul goes right to Heaven, bypassing some of the other places a soul has to go to ‘reflect’ and get cleansed. So back to my Aunt Molly. When she passed I had an insight in my meditations that she was a Lamed Vav Tzedakkis. What is that? Hashem has 36 (Lamed Vav – Hebrew Letters equal 36) hidden righteous people in the world to hold up the world. It is because of these 36 righteous that the world continues to exist. When one is taken another has already been sent to take its place. Well there are 36 right? Actually I believe that there are 36 men and 36 women. Each Lamed Vav has his pair, so his soul mate that each one has is also a Lamed Vav. My Aunt Molly was a Lamed Vav Tzedakkis (Tzaddik is the Hebrew term for a righteous man and Tzadakkis is the Hebrew term for a righteous woman). So how do I know that I am correct? Well after I realized this I asked my teacher and Rebbe (Rabbi Abraham Lipshitz) the only one in my life I have ever called and will ever call Rebbenu). He was everything to me and he was the one who married my wife and I. I owe so very much to Rav Lipshitz. He told me as I asked him that I was correct and she was a Lamed Vav Tzedakkis. More about Rabbi Lipshitz and how I came to know him later in my discourse.

So how does any of this prove the earlier point I was making about high souls living on the level they are supposed to and according to Hashem’s plan, even if that means they do not keep Shomer Mitzvot (guarding all of the commandments, including the one’s where someone would be liable to the death penalty such as Skilla – stoning). Well my Aunt Molly, peace upon her righteous, holy and wholesome down to Earth neshama (Jewish word for soul) was not an observant Jew. She did not keep Shabbat. She did not keep kosher and she did not keep commandments as you may think a Lamed Vav would. She would come to our house for the holidays. She was kind. She was so very proper. And she was sweet sweet sweet. She had a way about her which just made you feel safe and loved and at home. But she was not ‘religious’. She lived a simple and wholesome life. She had a normal job as did my Uncle Babe. And she was a Lamed Vav. As I write this I also realize that my Uncle Babe was also a Lamed Vav. They were a pair.

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So more now about Gilgulim, i.e. reincarnation. Our tradition teaches us that Moses was a reincarnated soul of Noah. Noah was a reincarnated soul of Adam. David was a reincarnated soul of Moses, hence a reincarnation of Adam. It is very clear to me that the person whom the world calls Jesus was a reincarnated soul of David, hence also a reincarnation of Adam. In my understanding the reason that Jesus was able to uproot the sin of Adam was because he WAS the soul of Adam. Hence the Tikun could take place. We all come from the same soul of the collective soul of Adam. There is in every generation a soul that encompasses all of the souls that Adam encompassed. Jesus was that soul. David was that soul. Moses was that soul. Noah was that soul. This is the part I believe Jews have wrong. This is the missing part about the soul called Jesus. I will explain more about this in my writings.

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So what is the part that Christianity has wrong? “I am the Lord your G-d who has taken you out of the Land of Egypt. You shall have no other gods before me”. The fact that Christians believe that Jesus was G-d on Earth, descended to Earth, is a fundamental problem in Jewish faith. Jesus may have become one with the Almighty just as so many other souls before and after have also become one with Him. As a matter of fact every soul possesses the ability to unify with our Creator. As a matter of fact, we are one with Him when we come in the world, when we live in the world and when we leave the world. He created us. He breathed Life within us. The Holy Zohar teaches that G-d breathed the Soul of Adam into Adam and when you breathe into something that breath comes from Yourself. Everything is coming into Existence from Hashem. Hashem is creating tzimtum from within Himself to allow the existence of Creation and the space for things to be. Things here appear independent and separate from Hashem. But nothing can ever be truly separate from Hashem. It is One with Hashem by its very existence. AIN ODE MILVADO. There is Nothing in this World But Hashem. Just look at the verse in the Psalms that tell you this. Heaven and Earth is filled with His Glory.


So was Jesus one with Hashem. Yes. Are you One with Hashem. Yes. What one difference may be is that different people have different levels of devakus (attachments and clinging, binding oneself in closeness to the Creator). One person may have developed within him or herself a very great level of attachment to the Creator on a consciousness and relationship with our Heavenly Father than another person. Was Jesus of divine nature? Well we all are divine. Was his conception of a miraculous one? All conceptions are by very nature miraculous. Nature is the miraculous on a level we can understand but it still is in itself a miracle. The world is always being created Yesh MeAyin, i.e. Something from Nothing. That is in itself a miracle. Well did he come from the Immaculate Conception? I have heard people of my faith make fun of that saying how could that be? I myself do not think that is out of the realm of G-d. If his conception was created by G-d then is Jesus also G-d or G-dly? We all are G-dly. We all come from the Creator and the very beginning of all humanity was from Adam who was created by Hashem. How is that any different? But to say that one person is G-d incarnate is IDOLATRY. That is where Judaism has every reason to reject Christianity. We as Jews do not believe in or worship Idolatry. Can a gentile use a Shituf, a partner to take their prayers to Hashem? Yes. Can that person be Jesus for many? Well apparently Hashem has created such. Does Jesus sit at the right hand of the Father? I believe so. Just as this soul is Moses and David and Noah and Adam and this soul is the highest of all souls and sits at Hashem’s right hand. But the story of Passover is about Hashem taking the Israelites out of Egypt and not Moses because it truly was Hashem who did everything and does everything.


So am I a Jew for Jesus? No. I am a Jew. I also do not believe in the Jews for Jesus movement. I believe Jews should be Jews and live as Jews and Christians should be Christians, as Muslims should be Muslims and Buddhists should be Buddhists, etc., etc.


I also believe that the highest level to live in this world is by fulfilling all of the commandments that you are able to fulfill. I do not believe in eating trief meat (unkosher meat) not because I will be punished for it but because it takes me away from my attachment to Hashem. Likewise with other commandments, each on his/her own level. Will there be Skilla in the future? Most definitely not. Hashem looks upon us with Chen (Grace) and treats us as we would treat others. If you want to be kind to others Hashem will be kind to you and judge you favorably. Teach me the Torah on one foot was asked of the sage Hillel. His reply “Do unto your neighbor as you would do unto yourself”. Misdeeds against our fellow men and women must be dealt with accordingly. Misdeeds between man and his Creator are for Him to Judge. That is my understanding. I am not here to preach or convert. I am here to only tell the Truth in my heart as I see it.

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