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Welcome to Dobrá Tea Pittsburgh! 

Nathaniel Pantalone (owner)

At Dobrá Tea, we provide a clean, comfortable, meditative environment to enjoy tea, along with great knowledge of this modest plant. Our tea is served in traditional vessels from the country of origin or in handmade pottery of traditional style when possible.  It is our goal to serve teas in traditional ways, without sugar or milk in many cases, and to only sell teas that meet or exceed strict EU standards for pesticide residues.

The multicultural atmosphere of our Bohemian-style tearoom is sure to have something for everyone.  We aspire to create a space somewhere between a bar and a church: a place for relaxation and community.  It is our hope that every one of our guests experiences the relaxation and community that we feel serving tea every day.

We believe that tea drinking is part of a healthy lifestyle. Imbibed by monks as a meditative beverage, tea imparts serenity and clarity to the drinker. It is conducive to self-reflection, critical thinking, and creativity. Thus, we believe that drinking tea is itself a life experience.

Please join us for a relaxing cup of tea. Our humble devotees are happy to be of service!

Welcome to our tearoom!

Our Collections

Oolong Tea

The processing of Oolong Teas, or Qing Cha, can vary widely. This category bridges the gap between white and black teas and oxidation can range from 15% to 70%. Fresh leaves may be roasted over an open fire, tumble dried to bring out floral qualities, or baked in bamboo baskets. This, combined with the varied oxidation levels, gives each tea a unique character often comprised of some of the following elements: floral, fruity, vegetal, roasty, caramel. We carry two main types of Oolong teas, rolled and strip-style. Rolled oolongs unfurl slowly over several steepings, causing the flavor to evolve as the water reaches different parts of the leaf. Strip-style leaves begin more boldly and mellow consistently over each steeping.

Pu’er Tea

Pu’er Teas, called Hei Cha or Black Tea by the Chinese have undergone a complete oxidation and ripening through a centuries-old and secret process that varies by family and tradition. Broadly, pu’er teas fit into one of two categories, Sheng [shuhng] (raw) or Shou [shoe] (ripened).

Sheng pu’ers are aged naturally by starting with fully processed tea leaves which are then steamed, shaped into a disk, nest, or brick, and aged for 5 to 40 or more years. Sheng pu’ers tend to be lighter in color and pungent in flavor, characterizations which mellow and darken over time as the tea ages. When drunk, Sheng pu’ers present a mellow flavor to start that crescendos on the palate. Shou pu’ers undergo an accelerated aging process. The standard tea making process is interrupted and the leaves are misted and placed in a damp heap for 40 or more days to ferment. This produces a flavor that starts bold and lightens quickly in mouth.

Tisanes & Herbal Tea

In addition to teas, we present herbs and tisanes. For those looking to wind down after the day or avoiding caffeine herbal blends serve as caffeine free alternatives. We offer a curated selection of herbal remedies and also sell herbs in bulk for you to blend and steep your own. All of the offerings presented here for sale are USDA certified organic, and all herbs and herbal blends made in house are Kosher.

Please note: Yerba Mate and Guayusa are not caffeine free.

Eastern Winds

Herbal Floral Blend

A succulent blend of jasmine, rose petals, violet leaf, rosehips, hibiscus, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, star anise, and cloves. This tart combination of herbs and spices makes a beautiful red infusion in the cup.

Tea Room


We invite you to be our humble guest and experience it for yourself.



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