“Celebrate Diversity and Be Stewards of the Earth”

One World Blue LLC’s Blupela.net and Brand are improving our World through Societal and Ecological Stewardship ~ Our Online Global Community connects people of all places, uplifting and encouraging a better world, One Good Deed at a Time. 

This far-reaching healing Forum is dedicated to Wise Use of the Earth’s Resources, respecting cultural diversity and active conflict resolution among individuals, groups, companies, and broader communities. 

Illuminate Your Life and the World for the
Greater Good

The Place where YOU can Shine a Light on What You Are Doing and The Difference it is Making in the World!

One World Blue’s commitment runs beyond improved social education, cross cultural dialogue and even Ecological WisdomWe believe that the proliferation of social media and online activity must be specifically deployed to Safeguard and properly Steward the Earth’s social communities, wildlife, natural and human resources, and ecosystems as fully and consciously as possible.

We believe also that recognition, appreciation, and celebration of all cultures and of everyone empowers and requires a Blupela Social Network. Our Blupela brand is inspired by Papua New Guinea’s endangered, protected Blue Bird of Paradise, reminding us of our time relevant imperative to work through our differences so we can fulfill our best mutual potentials, needs and interests.

This sentient Social Media Approach “Spotlights” regional, national, and international talent and capabilities; our Press Kits stage well deserved PR and bolsters highly effective collaboration from a platform dedicated specifically to mutual, societal, and ecologic Benefits and Sustainability.

Blupela provides our users dynamic tools for ethical marketing and intelligent outreach – personalized Media Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s) highlighting art & music careers, business organizations and companies in complement with broad audiences’ guiding values & goals. You may harness at no cost our initial EPK’s and Spotlighting features or allow our Gifted Team to Curate Exceptional Press Kits for you.  

We welcome working with you to help discern and implement the best PRACTICES for sharing your unique Talent, Life’s work, and Vision. Your Press Kit will be highlighted with those of other successful people collaborating in this global vision.

So why One World Blue? When looking from the moon at the Earth, does what you see provide an answer?  Since our founding in 2005, One World Blue LLC’s virtual and actual endeavors are distinct in our achieving and maintaining consistency over time between our on and off-line realities and actualizing, multi-industry collaborations with Vision.

Our Blupela Brand, launched in 2015 accentuates this values system of One World Blue, LLC – working for and protecting our LIVING environment as the extension and reflection of our inner (creative) worlds, as essential spheres for our healthy collective future, for that of our children and for theirs….

One Earth, One Love, One World Blue

Stand and Unite