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Naftali Ziff Pirchesky
CEO and Founder of 1WorldBlue Media Network

Naftali has 30 years experience in energetic healing based on his spiritual journey. 30 years experience with Native American Flute healing and transcendence and 30 years practitioner of Natural Chi Movement.

What you will Receive with Your Music, Meditation and Healing Session with Naftali:

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated 

Assist with deep healing for physical, emotional and spiritual well being

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Russell Johnson

(from Doug Allen, Exec. Producer of NFL’s entire Players Party):

“Last year, you damned up a pond in Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans to make space for an extra 10,000; we didn’t think you could top that. We were wrong, this year you created a virtual city on a peninsula in San Diego. Averaging 60,000 people a day for four days, they were entertained for over 13 hours each day. Yes we provided the NFL Players, but you provided the “Super Bowl of Parties” indeed. Congratulations, we couldn’t have asked for more.”

— Doug is President, Players, Inc. and Asst. Director NFL Players Association (Former)


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Brad is a seasoned in-house brand steward; team lead and client relations professional with hands-on experience creating strategies to deliver groundbreaking concepts that redefine how brands connect with customers and bring stories and experiences to life in unique and memorable ways.

Brad knows what it takes to build and inspire teams to deliver exceptional results having managed all aspects of hundreds of creative projects. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, global agency, or entertainment brand Brad can create an experience that delivers results while staying within budget.  His portfolio includes work for clients including HBO, George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, VH1, AT&T/Warner and the USA Network/SyFy Channel.

For a greater look at Brad’s work please visit:

Bradley Setting

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Tempa Lama’s warm compassion and wisdom has helped many individuals on their chosen path. He is a man of deep insight and understanding as well as also someone with a wonderful sense of joy and humor to accept all of life’s moments and challenges. He is loved by many and brings love to those he meets.

Tempa Lama

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Ira Caplan

Producer and Advisory Consultant for the A&E, Architecture & Design, and Music & Mining Industries, with emphasis on Sustainability, Ira helps fulfill an array of Companies’ organizational and team goals. He enjoys teaching, troubleshooting and guiding clients to achieving Excellence through a balance of management, tech and lifestyle choices.

An accomplished liaison, Caplan’s acumen for syncing artists, producers, and Fortune 500 execs, green and team building.

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Nicole Jansen

Nicole Jansen is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist, Business Breakthrough Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, and Master Facilitator, Nicole Jansen has developed her own special brand of transformational coaching and mentorship, which focuses on tapping into your strengths and true purpose, integrating business and life mastery principles for lasting success. She has coached and trained leaders, helping them achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.

Leaders of Transformation

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Jim Rosenstein

Jim brings an unusual blend to the world of coaching, with classic education from Carnegie-Mellon University school of business, chaplaincy training, life, relationship and empowerment coach training. His 20+ years of teaching spiritual counseling, business and non-profit organizational experience combine with his business acumen (natural counselor’s gift of  serving others, Jim is a natural coach. He began with Refuah Coaching Institute of Jerusalem, then the Coaching Institute, and finally with iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), where he became an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach.

Today, Jim thrives assisting his clients to greater personal freedom and joy, more successful and fulfilled lives. He especially helps busy service professions and entrepreneurs reduce stress and achieve more personal, professional and communal happiness and success.

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Jenny Jean Crawford

Jenny helps purpose-driven professionals striving to to live up to their true potential to optimize their health and boost immunity. She works to restore and revitalize their physical, mental, and emotional well being throughout the process. Once they’re in a space of balance, it allows them to show up with vitality, focus, and presence in all aspects of their lives.

With a background as a clinical herbalist and a health and nutrition coach, Jenny designed a system to guide people through the process of healing from within called The Gut Check Method: Heal the Gut, Optimize Your Health.

To Learn more please visit:

Balanced Flora Botanicals

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