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Established as a direct importer and wholesaler of handmade rugs, we are known for providing high quality rugs at affordable prices.

After operating several successful stores in Oregon, in 2008, we relocated to Pennsylvania. Our main location in Pittsburgh opened in Robinson in 2011 and our business has grown tremendously since then.

Pittsburgh’s Largest Selection of Rugs

With over four generations in the business, World of Rugs is known for providing high quality area rugs at affordable prices.

Pittsburgh’s Largest Selection of Rugs

Visit our 10,000 sq. ft. showroom in Robinson Town Centre to view our huge selection of over 4,000 rugs in stock, modern, transitional, and traditional area rugs, handmade and machine made fine area rugs, professional rug wash and repair services, free design services.

1955 Park Manor Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

(412) 787-7474

We are conveniently located in Robinson Town Centre across from Ikea

World Of Rugs

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Questions and Answers

What type of rugs do you offer?

Traditional, Modern, Tribal and Decorative are the four main types. We offer these in a wide variety of sizes, patterns, qualities, and price points. From traditional to contemporary, machine made to hand-knotted, small to oversized, World of Rugs has a lot to offer.

How much do your rugs cost?

Depending on the size and quality of the rug, the prices vary. Many factors such as construction, materials, dyes and knots per square inch determine the quality of a rug.

World of Rugs has area rugs as low as $199, up to fine masterpieces in the thousands, and everything in between.


Not all rugs require rug pads. We have a few high quality rug pad options that we offer our clients and the type of rug pad will depend on the application.

At World of Rugs we only offer high quality natural jute and felt rug pads that will not deteriorate. Unlike other rug pads, ours do not have any adhesives and will not leave residues that can alter the finish of your floors.

Please give us a call with your rug size handy for pricing.


We have a large selection of runner rugs for steps. There are many custom options that can be ordered in the color, design, and size you need. Original one-of-a-kind hand knotted rugs can also be installed on steps and we have a great selection in stock.


If you have a rug and want an idea of its value, bring it in and we’ll evaluate its approximate age, condition and value with our quick and easy rug appraisal service. For your convenience, we also offer in-home oriental rug appraisals. With several generations of expertise, we can look at your rug and let you know all you would like to know about it.

Give us a call 412-787-7474.


Lease A Rug

Quality, Elegance & Beauty Creates a Luxurious Atmosphere

Quality Oriental rugs coordinate with the most diverse decor. At World of Rugs, we’ll work closely with you to create the right look at the right price, without sacrificing quality while completely fulfilling your expectations.

World of Rugs provides graceful solutions for all kinds of flooring locations and decor.

We have one of the largest selections available in the Pittsburgh area, we import our rugs directly and are one of Pittsburgh’s leading sellers of fine, handmade Oriental rugs.

Why Lease?

Leasing adds flexibility

  • Companies have different needs, different cash flow patterns and sometimes irregular streams of income.

  •   Leasing allows you to return or secure an upgrade at the end of the lease term. Moreover, your design and color needs can change over time.

  • Leasing is cash flow management.

  • Leasing keeps your line of credit open so you do not tie up your money in something that you have to change in a few years.

Leasing is a tax advantage

You, the lessor, will realize depreciation benefits enabling you to deduct lease payments as regular operating expenses.

Option to Buy

  • You have the option of buying the rug at the end of the lease period, where your monthly payments will count toward the purchase price.

  • Leasing is a great option for Banks, Hotels, Churches, Offices, Institutions or special events such as Weddings, Photo shoots, Movie or TV Broadcasts and many more…


At World of Rugs we have many custom rug options. From making a rug KNOT-FOR-KNOT to your liking, to ordering MACHINE-MADE rugs in other sizes or colors.

We also carry many lines by our nationwide brands that are completely customizable. Bring your fabric swatches and dimensions and one of our designers can help you make a rug to your exact specifications.


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Our 10,000 sq. ft. showroom in Pittsburgh, PA is located in Robinson Town Centre, across from Ikea.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have and
we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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