Szekely People of Transylvania

Szekely People of Transylvania   Seeing as I am a Hungarian from Transylvania, I have to make my first “Light of Culture” about the Szekely people of Transylvania. I don’t exactly know if I have Szekely blood in me or not, but while growing up, I was often referred to as “egy szep Szekely fiu” […]

Bryan McCormick

  Bryan McCormick┬áis a 32-year old T8 complete paraplegic who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. At 6 feet 8 inches tall, he is a pretty unusual sight. One doesn’t come across too many people in a wheelchair, who are tall enough to play in the NBA. With his size, he could be a menacing figure, but […]

Brenda Vance

  ONE TOUGH MUDDER Brenda Vance was the typical American kid growing up in Illinois. In her youth she played and enjoyed sports, then as she got into her teen years she found herself doing more drinking, partying, eating lots of junk food, well… basically behaved like a typical rebellious teen. By the time she […]

Mel Brooks

  While he doesn’t know it, and in fact… he doesn’t even know I exist, Mel Brooks’ comedy got me through one of the darkest times of my life, and for that I can’t thank him enough. I had a falling accident in September of 1993, that left me paralyzed from the waist down. While […]

Heron of Alexandria

  Heron of Alexandria, also called Hero (flourished c. ad 62, Alexandria, Egypt), Greek geometer and inventor whose writings preserved for posterity a knowledge of the mathematics and engineering of Babylonia, ancient Egypt, and the Greco-Roman world. (source: It is almost certain that Hero taught at the Museum which included the famous Library of […]


BASS REEVES… THE REAL “LONE RANGER”? I’m sure you are familiar with the legend of the Lone Ranger, his sidekick “Tonto”, and his horse “Silver”, but what if I told you that the Lone Ranger you know, was created from, and based on a man by the name of Bass Reeves, a true life Deputy […]

Meet Gabriel McNeal

  Meet Gabriel McNeal… a pleasant, seemingly “happy go lucky” fellow, with a nice smile and out going personality. A young man who could have taken the “easy way” in life, and cashed in on his basketball talents overseas, in a few different countries, among them Germany. He could have been just another professional athlete, […]


OPENING MINDS ONE SHOW AT A TIME BY Attila Domos   I remember the first time I listened to Coast to Cost AM, a 4 four hour late-night syndicated radio show. It blew my mind! I “never thought talk radio could be this exciting”! At the time the show’s host was still the original Art […]

Bruce Lee

Mention the name BRUCE LEE, and images of Kung-Fu on the silver screen come to mind. However, Bruce was much more than an action film star ahead of his time. He was a husband, father, philosopher, actor, film maker, excellent dancer, teacher, marshal arts innovator aka founder of Jeet Kune Do, a fitness freak, a […]

The Labors of Attila

The Labors of Attila By Rege Behe Attila Domos is no stranger to adversity. Nor is he afraid of setting lofty goals. But a quest Domos plans to undertake is comparable to the mythical Labors of Hercules. Domos hopes to swim the Atlantic Ocean, pedal across Europe and Asia, kayak across the Pacific Ocean, then […]


HUMAN TRAFFICKING OF THE DISABLED By: Attila Domos   Sounds like the plot to a movie about World War 2 Nazis. I can’t believe that I have to write about this in the year 2015. As beautiful as our planet Earth is, she hides many dark and disturbing secrets, and unfortunately most of them have […]

MEET PITTSBURGH MAYORAL CANDIDATE, TONY MORENO In case you don’t know, there is a Republican mayoral option, and his name is Tony Moreno, a retired Pittsburgh police detective. He’s not the big budget candidate, and doesn’t come from a long line of blue blood money, but his message is strong and his ideas to fix the many problems facing today’s […]