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Vortex Helicopter Services provides professional helicopter services to Southwestern Pennsylvania and unforgettable Pittsburgh helicopter tours.


Who doesn’t dream of being at the top of a helicopter in Pittsburgh? The experience is one to look forward to and the view is something that many people hope to get at some time. There are many things that people can do while in the air and it is an experience that a person should get on their own. Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful cities ever and you can see it best in the air. For that, you should get professional Pittsburgh helicopter services.

Vortex Helicopter Services is the team that you can trust for the best helicopter services. We are a team full of professionals who can give you the best experience in the air. We have a wide range of services that you can get, and we have plenty of ideas that you can use to make your experience in the air exhilarating. We are an affordable company, and we look to give people a proper view of Pittsburgh, PA. Whenever you want to get a helicopter ride, we are the team that you can rely on. Trust us to give you an experience like never before.

Aerial Advertising Pittsburgh

Get Noticed with Aerial Advertising Pittsburgh

Advertising is something that we must do actively. Anyone with a company knows that without marketing, things could go down fast. It is vital that advertising is carried out regularly and the platform should be one that gets to the target audience well. If you want to easily get noticed, Pittsburgh ariel advertising is the way to go. Ariel advertising has a wide range of advantages and the distance it covers can be pivotal for your company. A banner can be put to market your services and more.

Reach a wide audience with aerial advertising by means of helicopter-towed banners. Our fleet of R-44 helicopters are capable of towing banners of various shapes and sizes designed to ensure maximum visibility and exposure.

Banner Towing Pittsburgh

Marketing on a Higher Level

What makes Pittsburgh aerial advertising good? The reach that it can achieve. You can have many people see your advertising efforts in no time. People always appreciate the gesture and it will make your agency or company look the serious contender it is in whatever market you are in. Aerial advertising is taking marketing to a higher level and with a reliable helicopter service, you can get it done well. Specific areas can be targeted and finding a time when people are most active can be chose so that your marketing campaign is successful. Take your marketing campaign to a new level.

Effective Strategy

When doing any marketing campaign, people are always looking to give the most effective strategy. Taking it to the air is definitely very effective. There is a wide reach and it can easily meet the target audience. Say a sports shop can have a banner flown over a stadium during a sports match during half time. Many sports fanatics will take note of the business and look for it during or even after the game. Boost your business’ ratings through Pittsburgh aerial advertising. The results are always worth it.

Marketing campaigns are always a big ask. They usually require a lot of funds to make it happen. Lowering costs is something that people are always looking to make happen and banner towing is one of the best ways to do so. Pittsburgh aerial marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Better yet, it works, meaning that the returns on the investment are worth it.  Banner towing will help you reach your target audience in a short time and the cost is low. Working with a reliable team will help the marketing effort and will make it all worth it.

Vortex Helicopter Services is the team that you will want to work with on your banner towing marketing efforts. We are a team that has years of experience and we have handled several Pittsburgh aerial marketing campaigns. We have the best deals and we will fly your company name and all details you need high. We know that aerial marketing is effective and with us, it will be taken to another level. People can also use banner towing for personal reasons such as proposals and gender reveals. Whatever banner towing needs you have, we will get it done. We are professional and looking to help you propel your business or send a message.

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Embrace Our Unforgettable Pittsburgh Special Events

There are many special moments in our lives. They may be in events, life changing situations, and many more. Whatever the situation is, we always want to make the best use of it. The event should be well set up and we want maximum comfort for the people of the day. People have creative ways of doing so and a limo ride is something that we always look to. However, there are bigger and higher ways to do so. A helicopter ride for Pittsburgh special events can be a great way to mark them.

Vortex Helicopter Services is the team that you can rely on for special event rides in Pittsburgh. We take joy when people make strides in life and we boost your leap by taking it to the air. Special events should be unforgettable and nothing can make it better than doing it with a helicopter ride. We are looking forward to making your time and event memorable. Contact us today!

How to Celebrate Your Pittsburgh Special Events With Us?

A Wide Range of Uses

A thing that people may ask is what can qualify as a Pittsburgh special event. With us, anything memorable to you counts. Our helicopter rides can be used for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the reasons that you may want to get a helicopter ride for special events.

For special event rides in Pittsburgh, Vortex Helicopter Services is the company to call. We are ecstatic when people make significant progress in their lives, and we will amplify your jump by lifting it into the air. Special occasions should be remembered for all the right reasons, and nothing beats a helicopter trip to do so. We are excited to make your time and event unforgettable.

Vortex Helicopter Services exists to make your events memorable and feel as they are, very special.

Personal Transport to Events

The special events in our lives usually occur in special places. The venue that you have booked is a place that you will have to travel to and there is no better way to get there that in air. Whether you are going to a party, a wedding, prom, we are here to get you there. We are an affordable team and we want to make your moments unforgettable.

Do it In Style

Whenever you are doing anything, you should make sure you do it in style. When you are having a special event that needs transportation, Vortex Helicopter Services is the team you will want with you. We can help you do your event in style and we will get you there in good time. Contact us any time for any inquiries.

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Full-Service Aerial
Photography in Pittsburgh

Taking to the skies is one of the best feelings ever. One of the things that make it enjoyable is the impeccable view that people get while in the air. The air can be used for a wide range of activities. People take tours, have advertising done, and handle special events with helicopters. There are many creative ways that people use helicopter rides for.

Another use that people can make is getting full-service aerial photography Pittsburgh. The views can be used for many reasons and creatives usually want aerial photography for a wide range of reasons. No matter what purpose it is you have, you will need a helicopter, a professional pilot, and a good deal to get it done. Vortex Helicopter Services is the best team for aerial photography Pittsburgh.

Explore A Unique Summer Camp in Pittsburgh

Summer is a long period. People usually go on holidays and use the time to explore a lot. Summer camps are popular all over the country and there are various lessons that young people learn during these summer camps. However, if you are looking to explore a unique Pittsburgh summer camp, then you will need to look a little higher. There are helicopter summer camps that you can enroll your young one who have an interest in aviation. Those in Pittsburgh, PA are in luck. Vortex Helicopter Services has one of the best summer camps available.

Aviation is a journey. It is a never-ending learning process, and the earlier a person begins, the better. With our helicopter program, Vortex Helicopter Services has one of the greatest and most unique summer camps in Pittsburgh. We give people the best possible start in aviation and help young people prepare for their future endeavors. Our helicopter summer camp is well-planned, with a diverse choice of activities available to participants. Some of the most important topics addressed in our helicopter summer camps are listed below:

  • Comprehensive ground school by a FAA rated instructor.

  • One hour of flying with an instructor.

  • Two to three hours of flying in helicopter for extra exposure.

  • Flying logbook.

  • FAA SFAR73 training endorsement.

  • Certificate of completion.

  • T-shirt.

  • Drinks and snacks (Bring own lunch)

Our students are exposed to aviation career opportunities in piloting, airports, air traffic control, maintenance repair and operation centers. We have limited slots and you should book now for a chance of a lifetime.



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