One World Blue Creative Launch 3/3/23

We are bringing AI to the OWB Lumen Community. Here is our first creation from our One World Blue user-friendly AI integration. Come Join us in a Whole New World of Creation and Exploration – Light on the World SpotlightsUSA

The Sculptures of Easter Island

Malawi Radio Transmitter Repair and Upgrade – Access to Information for Marginalized Communities

Malawi is a small country found in the southern part of Africa. The country has  a total population of 20 million people and known as the warm heart of Africa due to peace and tranquillity that exits among its citizen. This is also the country that has never been at war with any country in […]

Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap

A Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based coating that can be sprayed on foods, guarding against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage. “We knew we needed to get rid of the petroleum-based food packaging that is out there and replace it with something more sustainable, biodegradable and nontoxic,” said Philip Demokritou, director of […]

Creating Glitter From Plants

Glitter and shimmery pigments are often made using toxic compounds or pollutive microplastics. A biodegradable alternative could be used as an environmentally friendly alternative. It uses cellulose — the main building block of plant cell walls to create nanoscale patterns that give rise to vibrant structural colors. Such a material could be used to make eco-friendly […]

Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone

Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone KRISTIN ANDREWS, THE CONVERSATION 6 APRIL 2022 A recently proposed aquaculture octopus farm in the Canary Islands would raise 3,000 metric tons of octopus a year, which means almost 275,000 individual octopuses will be killed annually. My research examines animal minds and ethics, […]

The Ocean Clean Up

Boyan Slat (1994) is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technologies to solve societal problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, which develops advanced systems to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Vortex Helicopter’s Pilot Training School

ONE WORLD BLUE NETWORK JOURNAILISM REVIEW FOR VORTEX HELICOPTER PILOT TRAINING: Interview and Review by Gedaliah Aronson – Staff Writer for One World Blue Media For Jacqueline and Carlos Cabral, developers of the Vortex Helicopter Pilot School in Pittsburgh, PA, training the next generation of experienced helicopter pilots is a moral imperative. “We have a […]


Supertint Flying to Save Windows Supertint Family Photo We started out as the father and son team installing residential/commercial window film professionally since 1993. We made it an official family business in 2001 with the introduction of Supertint to the Tri-State area! Linda joined the Supertint team in 2004 and became a co-owner of the […]

The House of Goosmon

Writer & Singer Tom Mondell and Musician & Producer Dan Hobel join forces to bring you a unique and diverse style of electronic beats that combine melodic high-tech samples with addictive warm organic sounds.     House of Goosmon Album – Hala “my favorite activity is listening to music. always has been, always will be! […]

Louson Drums

Louson Drums is a custom drum company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We create custom drum kits, cajóns, and percussion instruments 412-501-3786 Our goal is to fit musician to instrument. As a small company, we can devote individual attention to your custom drum building requests, whether you want a full drum kit, bass drum or custom cajón. […]

Vortex Helicopter Services

Vortex Helicopter Services provides professional helicopter services to Southwestern Pennsylvania and unforgettable Pittsburgh helicopter tours. PROFESSIONAL PITTSBURGH HELICOPTER SERVICES Who doesn’t dream of being at the top of a helicopter in Pittsburgh? The experience is one to look forward to and the view is something that many people hope to get at some time. There […]

Backyard Aquaponics Farming Fresh Fish and Vegetables PARAGRAPHIC

Vortex Helicopter Pilot Training School

We have a wide range of helicopter pilot training services – Learn more here! We provide training to novice as well as experienced pilots and offer a vast range of supplementary pilot training courses. Taking a tour can be exciting. However, the thrill of flying a helicopter on your own is unmatched. You will need […]

Straight Up Photography

  WHY CHOOSE STRAIGHT UP PHOTOGRAPHY? – Straight up Photography was born out of the fire of high stress environment of Hollywood film making. Each job done is carefully planned and plotted to achieve the highest quality footage . Planning around weather patterns, seasonal look, and time of day are all just the tip of […]

BRADLEY SETTING Senior Event Producer

 BRADLEY SETTING Senior Event Producer Hello. I am a seasoned in-house brand steward; team lead and client relations professional with hands-on experience creating strategies to deliver groundbreaking concepts that redefine how brands connect with customers and bring stories and experiences to life in unique and memorable ways. Justin Timberlake Live In New Orleans Los Angeles […]


James Jenson Photography  

Animals Angels

“We are there with the animals.“ Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with full-time investigators working in the United States to fight animal abuse, expose cruelty and improve conditions. Animals’ Angels, Inc. PO Box 1056 Westminster, MD 21158 E-mail: Office: 443-821-3343 Fax: 443-821-3349 Our team works primarily in the […]

Redefined & Co

Giving new life to what others no longer need. Joe Rieland is devoted to getting the maximum value of what others no longer use. His profession involves recovering donated organs and tissues for transplantation. “I prepare the operating room, assist surgeons, and help assign the recovered organs to waiting patients.” It’s intense, time-critical, and emotionally […]

Setting Entertainment

  EVENT PRODUCTION-EVENT CONSULTING ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL 1-844-SETTENT Our Services Strategy & Design -Experiential event marketing consulting -Event branding -Concept development -Technical design -Theatrics Entertainment -Entertainment consulting -Business theater -Talent casting, booking, and management -Scripting -Interactive performance options Event Planning & Management -Comprehensive event planning -General session development -Budget development and management -Timeline and logistics […]