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Natural Chi Movement Offers Chi Healing, Chi Clearing, and Chi Activation

Natural Chi Activation


Tienko Ting Offers Natural Chi Healing and Activations

In 1990, Tienko Ting began leading Natural Chi Movement workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Born in Taiwan, he studied chi-enhancing techniques before discovering this ancient form of chi activation, which is believed to extend back to Bodhidharma, the renowned fifth-century Zen master.


Tienko is the author of Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous. His work is the subject of Neither Man, Nor Butterfly: My Adventure with Tienko Ting (and Gilbert), Dr. Marcin Fabjański’s account of healing from a hereditary liver disease.

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Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space. Tienko Ting is able to conduct these sessions for any number of participants in different locations around the world at the same time.


By training and occupation, Tienko is an aerospace engineer. For ten years, he was the head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Bridgeport. Tienko earned his undergraduate degree from Trinity College in Ireland, and a doctorate from the University of Michigan.


Tienko Ting offers a view of life that unites the physical and spiritual worlds. Activation of our natural chi is a very important component to wellness that most of us have been missing. Natural chi is the essence of the practice of Natural Chi Movement. Tienko Ting offers Natural Chi Healing activations that support healing and longevity and remote chi healing and clearing sessions.


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Remote Natural Chi Healing

Natural chi healing is a treatment technique that uses spiritual energy. Tienko Ting does not need to be physically present with clients, and can conduct these sessions remotely.

Miraculous Recovery with Remote Natural Chi Healing

Essential Seasonal Clearing

Support the organs that are ruled by Earth’s energy: the stomach, spleen, pancreas, triple burner, and pericardium.

Remote Organ Chi Clearing Programs

Our Chi is located throughout our body. Our natural chi is responsible for making us feel vital and healthy – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having a blockage of chi in our bodies can cause illnesses, diseases, and pain.

It is important to take time to clear these blocks so the energy can flow freely again. Some blocks may be harder than others to remove. This is how Natural Chi Movement and Natural Chi Healing can help.

We offer many chi meridian and organ clearing programs to keep you feeling your best. Here is a list of the upcoming chi organ clearing programs.


Sign up for a year of Natural Chi Clearing, and get two of the eight seasonal clearing programs for free


Because the energy of the liver and gallbladder is more active or dominant in spring, this is an excellent time to support these critical organs with a boost of Natural Chi.


Clear your heart and small intestine during the summer—thousands of years of Chinese Medicine speak of the heart and small intestine as being ruled by the summer’s energy.


Many years of Traditional Chinese Medicine associate the lungs and large intestine with the energy of autumn, so this is an important time to clear these organs.


The energy of winter rules the kidneys and bladder. Clear these organs during the winter months through our program.


At last – an easy and effective way to monitor and clear stagnation from your breasts and uterus!

Our Ongoing Programs: Good for all Seasons:

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Heal Neurological Issues Safely and Naturally


Clear viruses from your body naturally and heal


Lose weight naturally without the use of unhealthy diets, supplements, or drastic changes in your lifestyle.


Rejuvenate your thyroid naturally without medication


Maintain healthy teeth and gums naturally

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Natural Chi Foundation: Our mission is to create a future where each human being has the opportunity to live a peaceful, healthy life and experience a peaceful death. This is achieved by practicing evolutionary healing theories and methodologies.


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