“When poverty, violence and disease are discussed, no one thinks about the Caribbean. It’s just a place to vacation and sit in the sun. People don’t know that St. Lucia has one of the highest rates of diabetes per capita in the world. They look at the bare feet of the children playing soccer in […]


A.J. Brown The Man Behind The Music Born in Montego Bay 1957, AJ Brown ranks among Jamaica’s greatest vocal talents. From Reggae to Jazz, World Beat to R&B, Pop to Classical, his vocal style transcends genres, musical eras, and generations. The influence of musical icons, such as, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, […]


A.J. Brown The Man Behind The Music Born in Montego Bay 1957, AJ Brown ranks among Jamaica’s greatest vocal talents. From Reggae to Jazz, World Beat to R&B, Pop to Classical, his vocal style transcends genres, musical eras, and generations. The influence of musical icons, such as, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, […]

Taylor Road Synagogue

TAYLOR ROAD SYNAGOGUE YOUR ORTHODOX FAMILY ORIENTED SHUL IN CLEVELAND HEIGHTS ABOUT US TAYLOR ROAD SYNAGOGUE counts more than 3,500 families as members over our more than a century-long existence. Our proud history includes milestones such as housing a vibrant and inclusive religious school and one of the city’s most respected early learning centers. Our […]

Big Mountain Band Big Mountain is an American Reggae band best known for their remake of Peter Frampton’s “Ooh, Baby, I Love Your Way” which became a top 10 international hit that took Big Mountain up the charts and on tour around the world. With vocalist and songwriter Joaquin “Quino” McWhinney distinctive voice, “Baby I Love Your Way” […]

Vortex Helicopter Pilot Training School

We have a wide range of helicopter pilot training services – Learn more here! We provide training to novice as well as experienced pilots and offer a vast range of supplementary pilot training courses. Taking a tour can be exciting. However, the thrill of flying a helicopter on your own is unmatched. You will need […]

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Make Simpler

We have a wide range of helicopter pilot training services – Learn more here!   Taking a tour can be exciting. However, the thrill of flying a helicopter on your own is unmatched. You will need sufficient training and licenses. Those who are in Pittsburgh, PA, can be at ease because Vortex Helicopter Services are […]

Brad Howard

“Country is not just my music; country is my life.” — Brad Howard ‘THE BEST NEW OLD COUNTRY AROUND!’ Brad has recorded three full length albums and an EP album.  Two of his recorded songs have been nominated for Song of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. The Blue Ridge mountains echo through Brad […]

Vortex He

ONE WORLD BLUE NETWORK JOURNAILISM REVIEW FOR VORTEX HELICOPTER PILOT TRAINING: Interview and Review by Matthew Aronson – Staff Writer for One World Blue Media For Jacqueline and Carlos Cabral, developers of the Vortex Helicopter Pilot School in Pittsburgh, PA, training the next generation of experienced helicopter pilots is a moral imperative. “We have a […]


Vorarlberg is Austria’s westernmost province. Bordering with Germany, Switzerlandd and Lichenshtein its culture is influenced by its surrounding neighbors in a way that sets it apart from the rest of Austria.


Wholesale Hemp

One World Blue -PELA VIBES- “Get Your Peace ON” with Delta 8, Delta 10 and HHC One World Blue is the Home of Planet Sanctuary – Our Planet has given us the means for healing with its abundance of nature. We need to have wisdom and understanding in its implementation.           […]


HACHNOSAS SEFER  TORAH – HADASSAH H HADASSAH   YERUSHALAYIM A ONE OF A KIND OCCASION   During the difficult days of Covid-19, with fear reigning in the streets, a remarkable Hachnasas Sefer Torah took place at the children’s department of Hadassah Hospital. Rabbi Meir Chaim Greenbaum founder and director of Tehillim Olumi and his family wanted […]


The Pacific Island of Guam was settled by the second quarter of the 2nd millennium BCE by an Indonesian-Filipino people. Spain officially claimed the island in 1565 but did not attempt to conquer it until the latter part of the 17th century. During the Spanish-American War, the U.S. warship Charleston steamed into Apra Harbor and […]

10 Most Beautiful Islands to Visit in the Philippines

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Life in the Philippines: A Foreigner’s Perspective

The Philippine Islands were first conquered by the Malays, the original inhabitants being the Negritos, but became a Spanish colony during the 16th century. As a result Catholicism became the dominant faith there and then as a result of the Spanish-American War the islands were ceded to the United States. The Malays wanted an independent […]


Tibet in Western China was once a powerful Buddhist kingdom. It came under Mongol rule in the 1200s. Eventually it was taken over by China which crushed rebellion there but granted it some autonomy.

The Akha tribe of Laos

The Akha tribe in Laos preserves its unique culture and language in virtual isolation from the rest of Laos.


Japanese culture goes back thousands of years with influences from China including its writing system and influences from Korea and Buddhism and yet Japan became a very modern country in a process that started with the opening of Japan in the 19th Century.

Manta Rays

Manta rays are found in warm water along continents and islands. They are flatter and wider than long and have fins that look like wings. They eat plankton and small fish. They swim and near water surface, propelling themselves by flapping their fins. They even leap or somersault out of the water.  

The Hunza Tribe of Northern Pakistan

The Hunza people, or Hunzakuts live in northern Pakistan and also are to be found in the bordering regions of China, Tajikstan. Local legend states that Hunza may have been associated with the lost kingdom of Shangri La. The people of Hunza are known for enjoying good health and long life spans but this may […]

Bali Wedding Traditions

In Bali Indonesia, a wedding is celebrated up to three full days. Processions and three ceremonies are held for the wedding. After the wedding the bride will move in with her husband’s family. A Balinese saying is “once you marry your partner, you’ve married his family as well.”

The Island of Corsica

The French Island of Corsica the birthplace of Napoleon has switched hands many times. When the Roman Empire’s western half collapsed in the 5th century, the Ostrogoths and Vandals invaded the island that already had a history of being invaded. It soon became the March of Tuscany’s dependency and later was ruled by Pisa and […]

San Marino

Only 61 Square Kilometers San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world. It is completely surrounded by Italy and traces its origin to the early 4th century CE to St. Marinus and a group of Christians escaping Roman persecution.


King Charlemagne recovered what is today the independent country of Andorra from the Muslims in 803. Charlemagne’s grandson, Charles II, granted Andorra to the counts of Urgel, from whom it passed to the bishops of Urgel. Andorra was later governed jointly by representatives of the Spanish bishop of Urgel and of the French head of […]


Finland was a province and later a grand duchy of Sweden. Being influenced by Swedish culture some call it a Scandinavian country but strictly speaking it borders Scandinavia but is not actually a part of it. It later became a grand duchy of Russia. It became an independent country in 1917.  


Bordering with Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Vorarlberg’s culture has been influenced by its neighbors in a way that sets it apart from the rest of Austria.    

The Basques

The Basques are a people who have inhabited the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain and southern France for thousands of years. They have a unique and distinctive language and culture which survived despite efforts to suppress them.

Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap

A Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based coating that can be sprayed on foods, guarding against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage. “We knew we needed to get rid of the petroleum-based food packaging that is out there and replace it with something more sustainable, biodegradable and nontoxic,” said Philip Demokritou, director of […]

Creating Glitter From Plants

Glitter and shimmery pigments are often made using toxic compounds or pollutive microplastics. A biodegradable alternative could be used as an environmentally friendly alternative. It uses cellulose — the main building block of plant cell walls to create nanoscale patterns that give rise to vibrant structural colors. Such a material could be used to make eco-friendly […]

The Cherokees

The Cherokees settled in the American Southeast portion of the country. The tribe was of Iroquoian descent. They had originally been from the Great Lakes region of the country, but eventually settled closer to the east coast. They were a strong tribe with several smaller sections, all lead by chiefs. The tribe was highly religious […]

The Bene Israel of India

Bene Israel traditions varies on it’s origin. Some claim descent from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Others believe that their ancestors fled by sea the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes of the Hanukkah story. The Bene Israel adopted Hindu names, and took up the profession of oil production. They were known in Marathi as shaniwar […]

The Cajuns

The Cajuns are descendants of Roman Catholic French Canadians whom the British, in the 18th century, drove from the captured French colony of Acadia (now Nova Scotia and adjacent areas)who settled in the fertile bayou lands of southern Louisiana. The Cajuns today form small, compact, generally self-contained communities. Their patois is a combination of archaic […]


Marronage—the flight of enslaved men and women was a common occurrence in the Americas and Caribbean from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Originally believed to be of Spanish origin (cimarrón; French marron), the term “maroon” is now thought to derive from a Hispaniola Taino root meaning “fugitive,” which combined with the Spanish cimá (mountaintop). […]

The Gullah

In music class when I was in junior high school my teacher told us something fascinating about former African American slaves who settled off the Southern United States coastline and said that to this day their descendents have their own language developed on the islands. I found it intriguing and it stuck in the back […]


Melungeons, dark-skinned mountaineers of eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia and Kentucky, have sparked myths and theories over the past century: among them that they were descendants of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, or the Roma, the Gypsies. Some have speculated on connections with the Lumbee Indians in Robeson County or the Lost Colonists of the Outer Banks. The […]


The Greeks are known to have established colonies and carried out extensive trade on the Circassian coast of the Black Sea, and their influence is clear. The successive influence or outright control of the Romans, Khazars, Mongols, Crimean Tatars, Turks, and Russians was to follow. In the great territorial wars that ensued between Russia, Persia, […]

The Daur

Prior to the 17th century, the Daur lived along the Shilka River in modern day northeast Russia as well as the Heilongjiang, Zeya, and Bureya Rivers. Today, that region is known, among other names, as Dauria. In the mid-17th century, the Daur came under the control of the Manchu, a fellow northeast Asian people who had […]

Ohr Simcha Children’s Home

Please Help the most underprivileged children in Israel Due to the unfortunate circumstances that many of our children come from, they require extra light and joy to compensate for the years of deprivation and suffering they have endured. Ohr Simcha was founded in 1971 and is among the nation’s most experienced institutions of this sort. […]

Whale Sanctuary Project

Dr. David Vaughan Executive Director, Summerland Key Campus Dave Vaughan is Executive Director of Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration in Summerland Key, Florida. He is also the manager of the Coral Restoration program and manages the Protect Our Reef Grants program. Dr. Vaughan directed research and education programs previously […]

Rat Assist Feline Recovery

A café in Brooklyn has become an unexpected center of diplomacy for two of nature’s most adversarial animals: cats and rats. In partnership with the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, the Brooklyn Cat Café in New York City typically houses about 20 cats that are up for adoption. Visitors can stop by for treats and […]


The Roma are an ethnic people who have migrated across Europe for a thousand years. The Roma culture has a rich oral tradition, with an emphasis on family. Often portrayed as exotic and strange, the Roma have faced discrimination and persecution for centuries. Today, they are one of the largest ethnic minorities in Europe — […]

Iranian Zoroastrians

The history of Zoroastrianism began with the Prophet Zarathushtra teaching what was called “the Good Religion,” to ancient Persia and Central Asia. His teachings taught obedience to one god; while he drew a small group of dedicated men and women, he also met with great resistance from local priests and princes. According to legend, Zarathushtra […]

Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Warul Kawa (Deliverance Island), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, Australia. There are an estimated 274 small islands in Torres Strait, which separates Australia’s Cape York Peninsula from Papua New Guinea. The islands and their waters and reefs are home to many rare and unique species. Torres Strait is named after a Spanish captain, Torres, who sailed […]


HEALTHY PLANET – PLANETA SANO HEALTHY PLANET, HEALTHY LIFE PLANETA SANO, VIDA SANA WHAT IS A HEALTHY PLANET? ¿QUÉ ES PLANETA SANO? Planeta Sano is an association dedicated to the research, implementation, training and promotion of a healthy life through native organic food and the correct use of medicinal plants and renewable construction materials. Planeta […]

Dobrá Tea Pittsburgh

Welcome to Dobrá Tea Pittsburgh!  Nathaniel Pantalone (owner) At Dobrá Tea, we provide a clean, comfortable, meditative environment to enjoy tea, along with great knowledge of this modest plant. Our tea is served in traditional vessels from the country of origin or in handmade pottery of traditional style when possible.  It is our goal to serve […]

Nadia Salon

About Us Nadia Salon, Inc. is located on Walnut Street in the heart of Shadyside. Our Staff of talented Stylists offer Custom Styling, Cutting and Coloring services to satisfy your individual needs. Our specialty services include Copolla Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Balayage Highlighting technique. Brow and Lip Waxing available. Manicure and pedicure services available. Get […]

His Excellency Taj Weekes

Taj Weekes is a dreadlocked Rastafarian singer-songwriter who fronts a dynamic reggae band named Adowa.  Raised in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia but shaped by intercontinental life experience, he is also an unwavering, energetic humanitarian, who founded his children’s charity, TOCO (They Often Cry Outreach).  His efforts earned him the title UNICEF Champion for Children […]